Monday, March 28, 2011

And more of the A.D.D. blogging

Since I've been mostly locked up in the house working, not too much has happened in my life. Therefore, I only have little stories to tell. That's where my A.D.D blogging comes in. From one topic to the next, whatever comes to mind.

1. Man, I feel like I smoked a pack of cigarettes. Last week at Bingo Mario and I both caught a little something. By the time we got into bed, Mario sounded like hell and I had a little post nasal drip. Mario got the worst of it. He's been a snot machine for the last week. Yesterday and today he's finally sounding better. I had hardly much of anything at all. I just had a tiny bit of a sore throat and my lungs hurt. Not bad really...more annoying than anything. Today I woke up and finally the sore throat was gone...woo hoo. Now the little cough and the smokers lung feeling can go.

2. I have a love for crab that I can not explain. Even when I was a strict vegetarian for 14 years, I still made exceptions for crab. That's how much I love it. Screw animal cruelty, give me my crab! Mario has the love for the crab too. But he's never cooked them. He would rather take me to our crab shop and spend the money. Well, I want the crab without spending the dough. With us cutting back on spending he hasn't taken me to my favorite crab house. The only problem is mama knows it's Dungeness crab season and mama wants.

I finally talked Mario into cooking them at home when we were at Costco. They were cheap and I really didn't give him a choice, I just put them in the cart. The next night we cooked them up and devoured...heaven! Now that we know how easy they are to cook, we are doing that from now on. No need to pay an exorbitant amount of money when you can prepare them yourself!

3. With that thought in mind, while looking up cooking instructions for the crab, I found out how easy they are to catch. Hello Ventura pier, net basket, chicken legs, and a bucket. There is a 10 crab limit for the day ...I'm sure I can find friends to help eat the extra two crabs I will be too full to eat.

Why not! I spent my childhood on my uncle's boat fishing. I've been wanting to get back into it. All I need is a fishing license and a good book. Now I need to get Mario on board, cause we only have until June 30 to catch our 10 crab limit per a day!

4. Sunday afternoon Mario turned to me and said "Tonight from 8:30pm to 9:30pm we have to turn off all the lights and electrical stuff to save the earth. I'm going to watch a Hot Tub Time Machine on my iphone"
Me "Doesn't that defeat the purpose?"
Mario "No. Not at all"
Me "We should go for a walk instead"
Mario "Ok that's probably more responsible. A walk sounds good."
Me "Also, that event was yesterday"
Mario "No it wasn't! It's tonight!"
Me "Take a look mister, it was yesterday."
Mario "I don't think so..." Mario looking on the computer...
Mario "ok so it was yesterday"
Me "You've failed the earth. All this technology and you can't keep track on when to turn it off"
Mario "Well, I'm still gonna watch Hot Tub Time Machine on my iphone"
Me "Go for it baby! Way to save the earth!"

5. While visiting a friend, we were checking out her mother's random herb garden. She plants a lot like me. A little of this here, a little of that over there...voila garden!

One of the herbs she grows is rosemary. I love it.  Of course, I promptly stole a few springs. But what you don't know is that she does not eat this rosemary she grows. This rosemary is saved for a special purpose. Douching. Yep. She grows this herb for it's beneficial properties to the vag.

So, when we walked through the kitchen and she saw that I had snagged some of her rosemary. She gave me a little knowing smile and then promptly said in spanish "It will make your pussy tight!"  Rosemary is forever ruined for a good way...but ruined none the less. I haven't stopped laughing or telling everyone about it. I love a raunchy mother. She has now been added to my list of favorite mothers.

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