Thursday, March 17, 2011

And so it Continues...

I know it's all I seem to talk about these days, but I'm back to the shootings...cause I'll be honest, my life is otherwise pretty boring. 

One of the very very few benefits to hanging out at the restaurant, is getting to know people. One of those people is one of the local news guys. When he came in this week, I cornered him trying to find out what he knew. Of course he's been in Arizona at the hearing for the shooting of Arizona Representative, so he hadn't heard a thing. However, he has connections. He offered to contact his guy in the police department and find out what he could.

Yesterday I finally got an email from him. This is what his police guy told him...

3/10 – This was a report of shots fired in the area of 128 N. Florence.  Officers searched the area and spoke to residents, but no one either heard or saw anything.  There were no victims nor evidence of gun shots.  This area has a few subjects who are either gang members or gang affiliated.  The call was cleared and area checked okay.

3/12 – This was a report of shots fired in the 200 block of N. Florence.  Officers searched the area and contacted witnesses who say they saw shots coming from a vehicle driving down Florence street.  No one in the area was hit.  A few subjects who live in the area were interviewed (they have possible ties to a gang), and all stated they had no idea who the suspects were or could provide a suspect description.  A police report was taken to document the incident.

The PD has stepped up area checks in this area and trying to stay highly visible. 

My absolute favorite part is how no one saw or heard anything. I love that there was an hour of fighting and yelling outside, then there were screeching tires, gun shots, and multiple calls to the police...but no one heard a thing! Just play dumb and they'll go away! 

I really wish I had gone out there. I would have told them about the fighting, car and shots. It just makes me so mad that they could lie and nothing came of it. But I understand no one was hurt, so it doesn't rate too high. We have definitely noticed an increase in police. They are always driving around and I love it! We'll just see what happens this weekend. I feel like this is when they'll come back, if they decide to give it another round.

I did get a hold of the landlord. I told him what had happened and his first questions was..."well, if that happened at my property, why wouldn't they call and tell me?" Um, because they are involved in it! Why would they call and tell you that because of them, your property is being shot at? I'm still not sure he believed me but I told him he just needed to call the Burbank Police and they can answer any questions. By the end of our conversation, he said he would be taking this very seriously. Mario doesn't think it will go any farther. I half agree. However, we'll see. If something doesn't happen this weekend, I will be calling his butt back up and talking to him again.

We are going back and forth between installing cameras on our roof line and just moving out. We don't want to move if we are thinking of buying a place in the next six months, but we sure as hell don't want to stay if this continues.

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