Monday, March 14, 2011

A.D.D. Blogging

1) After spending much of the weekend listening to and reading different tutorials on how to make a website in Flash, Dreamweaver, this, that and the other, I finally found a tutorial that I can follow and understand! This is very exciting! Except, that it's a tutorial by a high schooler. I like to think he's incredibly articulate and a natural teacher, however I'm not entirely sure that's the case. Not that he's not articulate and a natural teacher...I just happen to think I'm more on a high school level when it comes to this technical bs.

Most of the tutorials are put together by people who know everything about what they are already doing. The only problem is that they use all these technical terms and techniques. I'm a beginner! I have know idea what you are talking about! Plus like most high schoolers, Mr. High Schooler speaks valley girl. Having been born and raised in California, I speak that language! He has taken that technical jargon and translated it into a language I speak! I hope he has many more lessons I can learn from!

2) Speaking of thinking like a high school boy...I posted a video on facebook of some of the waves and damage occurring in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami. It was intense and scary. Then I watched a video about these dumb guys playing a practical joke on their friend  where someone's face ends up right on someone else's bare butt. I was about to post it up on facebook, when it occurred to me it might not be appropriate to post something so immature and tasteless after something so tragic. Yay for my ability to sometimes be an adult!

3) I didn't realize how much the drive-by got to me, until a truck drove by and hit the speed bump a little to hard. There was a loud CRACK as the truck landed hard! I totally ducked. A friend who had come by for a visit, looked at me like I was crazy. He was nice enough not to say anything, but I was thinking I was a little crazy too. However, I am proud that I do have the need to survive and move out of harms way.

4) Then we had drive-by #2 on Saturday night. This time it pissed me off. It pissed off the Burbank police too it seemed. By the time I hung up with 911 and walked outside, the patrol cars were already pulling up out front and the helicopter was already circling overhead. Yeah for Burbank get those jack asses! My life and everyone else who lives on this street is being effected because of the decisions of those a-holes across the street. The decisions that they made are putting my life in danger! 

Today when I went outside there was a little girl playing in the front yard. It pissed me off all over again. What if something happens to her! Those that are involved can go shoot themselves all they want, but don't hurt anyone else! Especially a child that has nothing to do with the horrible decision making that you made that led up to this point! However, I'm sure they think they are the only ones involved. They have no clue they are putting all the people on this block in danger.

5) There just happens to be a for rent sign out in front of the offending 4-plex. Not sure how they're gonna rent that apartment with bullets laying around. I called the number on the sign and tried calling the property owner. It was the number to an odd business, so I'm not sure if it's a legit number or not. However, I did leave a long message telling them there have now been two drive-by shootings at their property...check in with the Burbank Police to verify this and get the whole story...please consider evicting these problem tenants...oh and if this in fact the wrong number, I'm sorry. I'm going to try calling again tomorrow and see if I can talk to a person for sure and find out if it's the correct number. I'm now in get those a-holes out mode!

6) I just really hope that the police find the shooters and take care of the jerks across the street. I have a feeling that if the police haven't gotten them already, that they'll be back in the next week for another drive-by. The last time they shot up a car...what's next? Now they all make sure to park their cars away from the front of their house...but now there's nothing in between them and the shooters. 

What's creepy is how they keep all the lights out. What used to be lit up with christmas lights and porch lights is completely dark. What's creepier is seeing the shadow of their look out sitting out there watching. Creepy! I don't like it. 

Ok this went from ADD blogging to Crime Stop...I'm done for now!

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