Friday, March 11, 2011

Things That Make Your Blood Pressure Explode!

There have been a few things in the last few days that have made my blood pressure raise a little bit. Some odd interactions with a friend...and oh the drive by shooting that just happened outside my house!

Our cute little Burbank went gangsta tonight people! Burbank isn't free from crime, but when you read the police blotter, it's stolen catalytic converters...not shootings! We apparently don't live in that cute catalytic converter stealing part of Burbank any more though. We live in the ghetto!

Overall, we live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Most of it is clean and quiet. I enjoy it here. I feel safe. The only thing I can really complain about is how we will never be able to afford a house around here...oh, and those noisy neighbors across the street.

When we moved in, the mail lady told us right away that it was a good neighborhood. However, she wouldn't leave packages out because she didn't trust the group of people that lived across the street. We had already spotted them and had been keeping an eye on them. They seemed more of an annoyance than anything. Loud, rude, messy, disrespectful. They didn't seem like any real trouble, they seem more like posers playing the part.

Lately though, they've been a bit louder. There have been more people hanging around a couple of the houses across the street. I don't even park on our street any more, because I don't like how they hang out and watch things. They have that look like they think they own the street. I'd rather just avoid it all together.

Tonight, Mario and I were both working quietly away on our computers. We heard a bit of the normal yelling out there. At one point I thought I heard someone yell "get her!" but it sounded more like a "grab the baby before she runs into the street" kind of "get her". But the random yelling seemed to kind of keep going. It sounded like machismo guys talking shit. It was more annoying than anything. The thought crossed my mind to call the police, but I didn't know if I was acting more like an old fuddy-duddy. Those rascals across the street are causing a ruckus over there! Who do they think they are!

But when I looked up at Mario and noticed that he was listening too, I realized it obviously wasn't just me. It felt like it was escalating a little. Mario asked if I wanted to call the police. I couldn't really justify calling them though. I would just be calling the non emergency line to complain.

We were quiet for just a minute longer, when we heard a car screech up and then "POP, POP....POP  POP POP POP!" I froze and ducked down a bit. I looked at Mario and said "Those were gunshots! Tell me that was a car backfiring!" Even though I know a car can't back fire like that. Then the car sped off. There was a bit more yelling and then there was complete silence.

You can bet the sound of those gunshots sealed the deal about calling the cops! I looked out the front door and started calling. When I was finally put through, I was told that they had just got a similar call. I gave them all my information and waited.

It was so quiet outside! Everyone had taken off. No one seemed to be hurt. I didn't see any ambulances. We've had regular patrols going by since. It did sound like they might have found the car driving around, we could hear a helicopter and a few sirens. It's weird though, I hate that our little neighborhood feels fucked up now. It definitely doesn't feel as safe here...and that sucks! This is the reason we don't live in Los Angeles! This is why we chose Burbank. It's more family friendly and mellow. Sundays around here the streets feel deserted. After 10pm the whole town shuts down. It just sucks that these assholes have to bring that here!

What's worse is I feel like this neighborhood isn't safe any more and we should move, but what about the poor families that live with this nightly and can't afford to move? It makes me realize how sheltered I really am.

Of course Mario is concerned but nonchalant. He's grown up in and around LA. He had that look of  "well that's what happens around LA" but then said "looks like we'll be moving sooner rather than later". Then he asked me to move the cat scratcher over, so the living room looks nice for the police officers if they come in. Really? There was a shooting not 30 yards away, and you are thinking you don't want the officers to think we are slobs? I really don't think that will be a problem babe.

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