Wednesday, February 09, 2011

An Umbrella Did This?

A few weeks ago, we walked out of our apartment to find a big news paper on the lawn in front of our door. We just left it. We hadn't ordered the paper and we didn't want to steal someone else's paper because the paper boy had bad aim. So, we left it there...for three days. Mario finally went over and picked it up when it looked like no one else was going to claim it.

The next weekend, we received a paper on Saturday and on Sunday. Knowing that no one was going to claim these papers either, Mario threw them out. Grumbling the whole time about how the paper boy was a bonehead throwing these papers in front of our door. "What a waste!"

The next weekend, the papers showed up again. Mario was irritated again. "Why do they not understand that we shouldn't be getting this paper! They are just making a mess in the grass and I have to throw them away!" "We'll," I said, "Why don't you just call up the paper company a let them know there's a mistake?" Of course he didn't.

When another weekend came, so did these newspapers. I waited for old man Mario to grouch about the newspapers yet again...but he didn't. I guess he just assumed that they were there for good. It was such a change from the previous weekends.

Cut to yesterday. Mario was off running an errand and had forgotten a paper at home. So, he called to ask if I would scan in the paper and email to him. He told me the paper was in a small stack of papers in the cabinet. So, I pull the papers out and start looking for the paper he needed. I couldn't find it...but what did I find? A order form for the local newspaper for 20 weeks...SIGNED BY MARIO!!!

He had spent the previous three weeks bitching and moaning about some bonehead leaving this newspaper on his lawn and HE WAS THE BONEHEAD! When I asked him about it, he casually said "oh yeah I forgot about that"...and then he added, "Well, ma needed an umbrella and if I signed up for the paper, they'd give me a $25 gift card. So, I bought her an umbrella." Really? This all started because you're mom needed an umbrella?" Then he said, "Well, it was a really cool umbrella and she loved it."

I'm glad Isabelle got a new cool umbrella, but if he is having the newspaper delivered, he better start reading it!

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