Friday, February 11, 2011


1. Twice this week I sent text messages to a friend and did not get any response. Tonight I was very surprised when I sent her a message letting her know Mario and I were going for sushi and would she like to come with and got no response. I wasn't surprised that maybe she couldn't go, but I was surprised that I didn't a text message back saying "screw you for going without me".

That is I was surprised until Mario received a text message from me half way through dinner saying "Hey lady we're going for sushi...wanna join?" Mario wasn't thrilled being called Lady.

2. Came this close to telling Rene to shove the manager gig tonight. Her lack of ambition, work, leadership, pride, etc., etc, etc. was killing me today. I asked her to do something quite simple a week ago. I also asked her to look at some papers 6 months ago and also again a week ago. She had a list of three simple phone calls to make today....She didn't do any of these things! No she wasn't too busy, no she wasn't swamped, she just didn't do it. All of these things could have been taken care of within two hours. I think she finally saw how on the verge of quitting I was or maybe she was tired of me telling her to get it together over and over....but she finally did something. And then went so far as to decide to close down for a night and have all the cooks in for a meeting and have them tear apart the kitchen...I am beyond excited about that. They really need a kick in the ass!

However, we will see if she actually finishes off the rest of the list. Luckily I made a deal with her. The more shit she does, the more I will do. Hopefully I have her by the balls...probably not.

3. I just found out that the house from my favorite movie is located just blocks from my apartment on the Warner Brother Ranch. I have gotten a tour of the lot. I have been in the Walten house. I cruised around where Pee Wee Herman ran around. I have sat on the Friends fountain from the opening credits. I have very likely walked by the house from "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation". Only I didn't know this was the house because I was fooled by the lack of snow and more importantly the lack of Christmas lights! Something I need to check out, is if the homes from all the Vacation movies are the same. I'm hoping I have not been led astray and the house is not from one of the other movies...don't get me wrong, I'm still way excited by it, but Christmas Vacation house is totally my favorite!

4. Bob has officially taken advantage of Mario's new schedule and has made Mario his bitch. Bob demands to be held by Mario all the time! Mario is constantly trying to deflect Bob and his need to be held at all times. Bob has noticed the deflecting and resorted to sneak attacks. Just as Mario stands up, Bob will launch himself on Mario from the top of the fridge or from the couch. He only likes to be held one way and one way only...

So Mario tortures him the only way he knows how...

 "Oh god...make it stop!"

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