Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today I was craving oatmeal. So, I gots my water boiling in the pot. I gots my oatmeal measured out. Threw the oatmeal in the pan. Thew on the lid. Started cutting up my banana. Then stood three feet away from the stove and was talking to my mother in law. All of a sudden Mario yells, "Honey, your cup runneth over! Your cup runneth over!" "

I thought he was being very sweet...well a little dramatic with the yelling but sweet none the less. But then he started the pointing. And I realized that my oatmeal was in fact boiling over. So much for being sweet.

Your cup runneth over...really? Not "Holy shit honey your water's boiling". Apparently Mario has been classically trained in emergency alerts.

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