Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Terror 2011!

Today I was on a nice phone call with my cousin. We were laughing and joking around, when I heard a noise. Initially, I couldn't decide if the noise was a child or an animal. But as we talked on, I realized it was one of the cats. 

It actually sounded like Bob. Every once in a while he gets a wild hair up his butt and starts a little crazy howling. But this didn't quite sound right. It was a little different. So, I got up and looked out the bathroom window. There Dexter was sitting on the fence looking quite terrified...and he was looking at the ground. I couldn't see the ground or who was on it, but that's where the howling was coming from. 

I turned around and started running for the back door. I could only imagine that Bob had fallen off the fence and gotten hurt. However, as I hit the living room, I realized that Bob was laying on the couch with Mario. So, who the hell was in the back yard? 

When I got to the back yard, there was a cute cat sitting there. Howling at Dexter on the fence. Then it occurred to me that it was Egon from next door. This cat looked a little bigger than her though. She was all poofed up and looking tough. However, in all her poofed up glory, she was still half the size of Dexter...who I might add was still terrified and trapped on the fence by this cute little poofed up kitten. Yeah, our cats are tough.

With Mario and trying to decide if this was really little Egon, Bob decided to come out and join the fun. However, the minute he saw Egon sitting in our backyard, he high tailed it right back into the house. This was definitely Egon. Apparently he has learned from past ass kickings that this cute little girl was not to be messed with. Hearing the slight chaos outside, our neighbor Monica, yelled from her fence that she'd come get her cat. 

Egon went home. But all was not normal. Dexter and Bob have been shaken. The enemy was on their property. Dexter came in and cuddled up by me and licked my hand...he is not a lovey cuddly cat...however, I might thank Egon for this new show of love. It's now hours later. Bob and Dexter have been taking turns keeping watch making sure the evil kitten from next door doesn't come in...they're pathetic.

Keeping watch and making sure no one comes in through their window!

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