Friday, February 25, 2011

"Was that girl just sucking on your earlobe?"

One thing I never thought I would ask one of the servers at the restaurant.

Bingo Tuesday was pretty big this week. We had a full house and I was the only person there to run it. I had been sick the weekend before, Rene was now sick as a dog, and Mario had spilled his dinner down the front of him and had to run home to change. So, I was sitting waiting for someone...anyone to help with Bingo.

More and more people were showing up and asking if Bingo was a go. I was sitting at one of the back tables waiting for Mario to make his entrance. A cute brunette in her early thirties walk in...well stumbled in. She sat the table two tables in front of me and started ordering. She was a loud talker. She was talking to a lot of people around...well mostly the single men around. I wasn't paying too much attention really.

That is until I saw her get up and almost walk into the wall. Then I couldn't stop watching. If someone was gonna make a fool of herself and it wasn't me...then I wanted to watch! I saw her get up and disappear for a bit...presumable the bathroom. Then she stumbled back...almost running into the same wall as before. She sat back down and started talking to herself and those around her again. I decided to make a run to the restroom before Bingo started. On my way back, I got a closer look. The few men she was talking to looked a little mortified in that "please stop talking to me very drunk stranger" kind of way.

As I started setting up the Bingo gear behind her, I heard her talking about how good looking he was...who he was I don't know. The older gentleman that she had been talking to was good looking but didn't really seem her type. The only other options were Rolando or our young Edgar. Edgar is adorable but was avoiding her like the plague. That only left Rolly. He's cute. Not necessarily who I would have thought this young hot chick would go after, but she was wearing beer goggles after all.

I sat back in my seat just in time to watch drunk hottie to ask Rolly to come closer. She had something to tell him. He leaned in very close. Very very close. She whispered...well really loud whispered something to the effect of "How bout you and I meet in the bathroom and I screw your brains out". Then I heard slurping noises!

Then I saw him lean in a bit more! However, that's when he must have remembered 1)he is in a crowded restaurant 2) he is married with children and a brand new baby...cause he jumped back. His response to her proposition of the back room conjugal visit? I'm working right now. I'm working right now!

Of course, it was Bingo time. Eventually, she stumbled out. Mario and Rene stumbled in and the event was forgotten in all the extreme excitement of our Tuesday Bingo at Theresas! But as soon as all the customers cleared out, I attacked Rolly with questions. Was that girl sucking on your earlobe! What did she say? Did she proposition you?

I had mentioned what had happened to Rene and Mario earlier, but apparently they must have misunderstood what I was telling them. Because when they were finally listening to my questioning, they were shocked. I couldn't stop laughing. Of course being the cool guy that Rolando is, he acted like he was hot stuff...drunk girls suck on my earlobe all the time! Customers always proposition me!

I'm still shocked at his response though...I'm working right now. Of course all the  guys there defended him and said he was shocked that she asked and you just say what first comes to your head, blah blah blah. My first thought would be...I'm married! I just told him to make sure if he tells his wife that he better come up with something better than "I'm busy right now".

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