Monday, February 07, 2011


Our outdoor furniture cushions died last summer. We have looked at so many cushion replacements in stores and online, but nothing was working for us style or price-wise. The cute ones were too expensive and the cheaper cushions were not cooshy enough.

So while our cushions looked like hell, they were super thick. So, we just covered them with beach towels and pretended that no one noticed how messed up they were.

We discussed recovering them ourselves, but I had tried something similar before and it was a mess. It started looking like recovering was our only option though. Finally, I got over my past failures and put the impending project in perspective. Just make big pillowcases for the cushions!

Everything fell into place while we were at the fabric store last week. The clearance fabric section called to us from a far. We took a quick look and actually found a bunch of cute outdoor fabrics. It was a good idea for the later on down the road. We were there for some other reason, we'd come back for the outdoor fabric later. Reality set in though and mid way through the checkout, we realized that we weren't going to see that fabric for those prices again!

$30 bucks and 6 yards later we headed home. With our Anti Super Bowl party looming, I got to work on those cushions! I measured those bastards 5 times, drew out diagrams, measured more and then finally started cutting. Three hours later, I had four made and they looked cute!

I'm so happy with the results...and even happier with the cost. To recover four cushions, it only cost us what it would cost to buy one new cushion...what a deal!

As of today they have been road tested and already smell of camp fire. Our Anti Super Bowl Party went well. The cushions held up so well and looked so cute dressing up the back yard a bit! All the baby back ribs were devoured, Guacamole and sausage dip were finished off, and there was just enough of my pasta salad left over for my mother in law's lunch...although I was ready to fight her for it!

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