Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The organizing and planning continues

I really have nothing to blog about because I've barely left the house in a week. Sick twice in one month is a bit ridiculous. However, I'm finally feeling more normal and back in the game.

I have taken advantage of the down time and have figured out a business plan for this year. I figured out how many shoots I'll need to be making a my income goals. I have marketing planned out. And most importantly I've figured out a new non schedule for myself. I've figured out how many hours I want to dedicate a week to marketing, shooting, editing, accounting, the restaurant, blogging, etc. Since I'm very to-do list oriented, I'm going to create a weekly hour check off sheet. So say, I have 12 hours a week of marketing, 8 hours for the restaurant, 15 hours of shooting, 3 hours of accounting. I have a list that I created so that I can check off the  hours as I do it. I'm sure it sounds elementary. But since my schedule is different from one week to the next, at least I know I'll have my allotted hours in for each task. Then I can also choose to sit down and do all the marketing for the week in one shot or split it up without worrying that I'm not doing enough. The only problem is,  I now have this list with more hours on it than there are in a week. And it definitely makes me realize how many times I was over working and under working. Hopefully this will be a nice guideline to keep me on track. I always played it by ear before and that was fine, but this year I want more stability with my work.

I've been finally back working on my website. I've spent so much time hemming and hawing about how to do this website. Only to realize I need to just do it. Get a site up and then decide what needs to change later. I'll be very excited when that is finished. And once it is finished, I'll be able to update it way way easier. Hopefully then I'll be able to keep her on track and updated with beautiful photos (if photos of houses can be considered beautiful).

The only other thing we've been doing is more house organizing. It never ends in such a small apartment. There is no place to hide shit here. So, we've definitely been trying to work on better storage. For the most part we've been doing alright. We took down all our Christmas stuff and went through it all. Reorganized it and only got rid of one thing...a mystery wreath with chili peppers on it. I have no idea where it came from and am embarrassed that we actually have had ownership of a Christmas wreath with chili peppers on it.

The living room is mostly in order. The kitchen is almost almost there. We've been trying things out in new spots and pretty much have it figured out. The only thing left our bedroom really. When Christmas rolled around, we needed space for the tree. So, I moved a medium size bookcase from the living room into our bedroom. Then I found the cutest rocking chair in the alley. Well, now that the tree is gone and the bookcase is in the bedroom, the chair looks so cute where the bookcase needs to move back to. So, we are trying to decide where that bookcase can go now. This tells you people how SMALL this place really is. One bookshelf and a chair is causing chaos in our house and in my head! And although the guilt is overwhelming, we are thinking of getting rid of the huge cat apartment thing we have to make room in the bedroom for the bookcase. The cats really aren't using it any more. I do feel guilty though. It's theirs. And I know that as soon as I touch it to move it, they'll be all over it like it was brand new. Then I'll feel guilty again. So, I think I'm going to slowly move it to the living room and then outside and then to the dumpster day by day. I'll probably find those little jerks hanging out on it by the dumpster.

Then the bookcase can go in the corner where the cat thing was, the chair can be all cute in the corner and we can finally be finished with our bedroom... once I go through the closet one more time. I'm sure there's more shit in there to donate. Well, I also want to find a cute little table to put next to the chair and some photos above it.

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