Saturday, January 08, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again!

Can you say exhausted. When I go down the list of things I did today, it really wasn't that long. Sushi lunch with a friend....awesome. Mario's union holiday party at the Gene Autry museum...awesome. Three hours at a restaurant supply store...awesome, totally exhausting and overwhelming.

After a three week hiatus from sushi, Colleen and I hit our favorite sushi place today. We invited a certain blog reader...who rejected us yet again. But after the first few bites, we realized that we were better off eating this particular meal without anyone else. After three weeks there was more moaning and groaning than was probably appropriate from this fantastic sushi. We decided it was probably better to have her come with next week, so she doesn't have to listen to our food orgasms. Really. We should really still be embarrassed. We were a little ridiculous. But if you love sushi like we understand.

Instead of having a good half hour or forty-five minutes to site and have our therapy session afterwards, we had to race back for me to drop Colleen off. Then pick up Rene from the restaurant. Then pick Mario up from at home and drive us to this restaurant supply store. Supplies are fun. However, this place was food and supplies. While Rene got the paper work going, Mario and I took a preliminary look around...and were in awe. Huge bags of apples for $3. Fifty pound bag of potatoes for $10. Then there's the walk in. I showed up in a short sleeve sweater and a dress for this adventure. Mario was in shorts and flip-flops. We paid for this clothing choice in the walk-in. But that bitch was cold! I imagine this is what winter feels like in other parts of the country.  It was an awesome site though. Whole sides of beef hanging in there. Huge bags of cheese, dressings, fresh herbs, veggies. You name it, it was in there. It was so interesting to look through all the stuff. However, it was a huge relief to get out of that fridge and into the regular part of the store. We are so lucky that we brought Mario along. Originally it was only me and Rene going. I knew he'd want to see this place. Turns out there were so many boxes of heavy supplies we were schlepping that we needed him to move this stuff. I'm not sure how we would have done it ourselves. It took us two and a half hours to collect all the food and supplies, collect prices for comparing suppliers, paid and packed up the truck. We were exhausted. The good news is name is on the card. When we have our next BBQ...we's paying a lot less for our meat!

Of course we had to race back to the restaurant, unload the truck, head back to home, and get ready for Mario's Animation Guild Union Party. I was excited about it this year. Last year there was no where near enough food or space. This year we got a party announcement saying the party wasn't until after New Years. Why you ask? Well, I guess they had reserved a hall for the party and made sure to order enough food. However, the hall fell through mid December. By that time there was nothing available to hold us all. They ended up getting the Gene Autry Museum across from the Los Angeles Zoo. I was excited when we heard where it would be held. We drive by the museum all the time but we have never gone in. We had the run of the whole place. There was good food every where. So there was a little eating and mingling. Then we would walk around the museum for a while. Then we'd mingle and snack. Get a drink. Then check out more of the museum. It was a beautiful museum. You walk in one room and it looks small. Next thing you know, you have been through ten more rooms and come out on the other side of the party. The displays were really great. Beautifully done with tons of interesting cowboy stuff. Cowboy music, movies, saddles, guns, bad cowboys, good cowboys, costumes, Los Angeles history, etc. It just goes on and on. Then of course there are some incredible pieces of cowboy life paintings.

Really it was a full day considering I've spent the last week and a half at home on the computer. The food orgasms where exhausting, the supply run was majorly exhausting, and walking around chatting and being cute  ...although it comes natural, is damn exhausting. I'd love love to go back and visit the museum when I have more energy and time. There was so much we didn't see and it turned out to be way cooler than you would think a cowboy museum would be. It was a good day back to real life!

There is a fun dress up area for the kids to play in. They introduce a chinese american family from way back when. They had the first chinese resaurant in Los Angeles or chinatown...don't remember. This was me being chinese american. How you ask? I have a cute chinese hat on, that's how.

Lots of beautiful saddles

More Los Angeles mexican history. 

The mister was pretty excited to see the original costume from Zorro, The Gay Blade.

A really awesome cowboy outfit that was made for Michael Jackson. The shirt was beautiful but the shoes were incredible.

A cool old truck.

This saddle setup is incredible. Just really gorgeous.

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