Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lets discuss a few things...

-First of all I apologize about not checking in...I have no excuse really. It's more of a memory problem. Something happens to blog about, then I get to the computer and completely forget what the hell I was going to write about. However, the minute I get in the shower, a whole long list comes to mind. Exit the shower...gone again. I really need to have a recorder in there. Maybe I should be moving to video blogs. Although, the only way I'd remember is in the shower and you all don't deserve to see that.

- Karma has reared her ugly head. I was lotioning up my legs the other day. I had finished lefty and had moved onto righty, and when I went to get a bit more lotion, I totally squirted a shitload of soap into my hand instead of lotion! It wasn't even the lotiony soap! It was the regular old gel soap! It didn't even look remotely the same. What's worse...I now had to wash my hands and leg again! I had just gotten out of the shower! What a pain in the ass!

- Can we talk about Mario and I dieting? I have been making a huge pot of veggie soup and a huge salad each week to keep in the fridge. It makes for easy options. Easy option always wins out over a more difficult meal for us. So, these have totally been life savers for us. It has also been a real stinker too. The gas problem that I like to call Mario is killing me! He has been such a trooper. He's totally tracking his calories and all that stuff. So I can't complain too much, but seriously come on!

-Can we also talk about Mario and his Wii. More specifically the sports game he plays. Most nights he turns on the game and does the boxing, softball, tennis, bowling and golf for a bit of excersize. Some of these games are more docile, like the bowling, tennis, and golf. On the other hand, the softball, and boxing become full body participation. Most of you will recall how small our apartment is.

Notice how close he is to the television. This is not because he's like a kid and likes to sit way up on the screen. This is because if he steps forward, he's on the screen. If he steps back, he's on the couch. So he kinda swivels around and tries not to destroy the place.

Most of the time, it's not a problem. However, tonight he was at the dollar store. He happened to find some of the accessories to the sports game. The tennis racket, the golf club, and the baseball bat. So, now we've added more length to this game being held in a room that has no more length to give. 

I stayed out of the room while he played baseball. For Mario, this is a full game of swinging and pitching. Full body swinging and full body pitching with the whole wind up thing. At least he's getting a work out. But the rest of the house is getting beat up in the process. I finally came back into the room when he started playing tennis. I figured it was a mellower game. Wrong. Yes, it was more mellow, but he still was beating the shit out of everything. I was sitting behind him working on my computer. Luckily for him he didn't hit me. However, he did hit my computer a few times. He also hit the entertainment unit a number of times. At which point I decided to turn on the video camera on my phone. I apologize for the very poor video quality but I think you get the point.

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