Friday, January 21, 2011

My life flashed before my eyes

I drove Colleen on an errand today and she was kind enough to reward me with Chipotle. Yes I am all for food rewards. I only request that you use this knowledge for good.

After our tasty lunch, we walked back to the car. As, we headed for the elevator and down to the garage, Colleen suggested we take the stairs down and just walk through the garage to the car. It's this suggestion that would lead to me almost being killed not once, but twice. Thank you Colleen!

We headed down the steeps stairs safely enough, only to hear the little old lady injure herself mid way down the stairs. After a few pauses, we realized she was ok and headed down through the labyrinth of this underground garage. This should have been our first warning.

We started through the first of the rooms and into the second. We were mid way through the connecting tunnel, giggling and weaving slighting from our happy food coma. When out of no where came a speeding car! Straight at us! Apparently he was very unconcerned with the garage speed limit. Luckily though, he spotted us as he zoomed around the corner! Of course, Colleen and I ran for opposite sides of the tunnel, totally running into each other, and then finally headed for the left side of the road. At least Colleen ended up on the left side of the road. I, of course, did what I did best and waited for sweet death to take me...I froze. I swear I would be the first to die if I were in a horror movie situation. Luckily, there was the tiniest bit of self preservation deep down in me and I finally moved over towards Colleen.

We continued on a little more cautiously, hugging the wall a little closer, and  laughing at our dorkiness. As we stepped into the adjoining room, we looked back at the machine that could have finished us or maybe just bumped us a little. Then just as we cleared the corner of the tunnel, a black mass stepped into me! I screamed "Oh my god!" My life flashed before my eyes and luckily this time I  jumped back a step...and then finally recognized this mass as safe. I grabbed on to this poor guy's arm and held on, to keep me standing upright as much as him. We had scared the shit out of each other! Butts had puckered and we were both grabbing our hearts hoping to keep them in our chests.

I finally let go of the poor guy and we all started laughing. This poor guy was propped up against the wall and wasn't saying a thing! We really didn't know if he was ok yet, except that he was laughing. Colleen had to ask him no less than three times if he was ok. He finally nodded a bit and peeled himself off the wall. Colleen and I finally headed back to our car laughing and with slightly raised heart rate...but we made it alive.

I hope you can learn from our adventure. Especially not to take Colleens little suggestions to take the will pay the price! I just hope that poor kid made it to where ever he was going. I wonder if he'll be mute for the remainder of his life.

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