Saturday, January 01, 2011

It's a New Year!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love the new year! I love day one. I love January. I love the clean slate. It's when I clean out my house and my mind. It's when I reevaluate the last year and decide what I really want to change.

Mario and I spent a bit of time yesterday talking about what we had done in the last year and what we wanted for us as individuals and as a couple in the new year. It was good to get on the same page and find out what each other really wanted. It feels so good to work towards a goal together.

Most of all we want to really enjoy the next year. We were very happy in 2010. There were the normal trials and tribulations but it was a great year. I got to see lots of family. I got to spend lots of time with my mom, sister, and my friends. I've reconciled some friendships I thought were finished. I've learned a lot about myself and how I communicate with people. My marriage has grown and so has my love and friendship with my husband. We want the same for 2011. Only better. More time with friends, more time with family. More camping, more BBQs, more picnics, more laughing, more work, more of all the same. But there are a few goals for the new year that will take work.

A few of our goals are carry-overs from 2010. We have been working on them and plan to continue. First was our financial goal. After spending 2009 absolutely broke, one of our goals for 2010 was to get back on track. We really did. We paid down a lot of debts and actually were able to pay a few off. This year our goal is similar. Pay down debts. Although we definitely want to be able to really throw some money into our savings account. Our combined student loans really seem to be the biggest obstacle there. We'll make it work.

The next goal on our list was getting my business back to where it was before the economy hit. My long term clients have really started calling more consistently in the last few months. So, I feel this is the time to really make it work. I really want to sit down in the next few days and lay out dates and goals. I want to be able to check in and see where I am through out the year. It's hard to believe but I've never done that for my business before. I haven't needed to really. But I realize now I really should have been doing this every year. Next on the list is revamping my website (I at least have this started). Then marketing, marketing, marketing. It really needs to happen this year or I think I need to move on.

The next important goal is the total cliche goal. Loosing weight. I've been way too fat, for way too long. With babies on the mind, I know I need to loose weight not only to get pregnant but just to be able to keep up with  them. Mario is totally on board and wants the same for himself. There will definitely be a learning curve for us. There are a lot of bad habits to change. Luckily we love trying new good foods and things. We've been heading in the right direction with the veggies being delivered and lots of cooking at home. They are amazing and we've had the bestest meals with those veggies. Who would have known I love kale and Chard so much...not I! We just gotta keep heading in that direction. Don't worry I won't turn this blog into a weight loss blog. Although, I might see what kinds of clubs they have on or I might start up a small club of people who want to loose weight. I definitely need that session to own up to what I'm doing and not doing. I just don't have the money to put out to weight watchers or any of those fancy companies. A nice support group would be great.

I'm really looking forward to this year. As usual, the positive asshole in me comes right on out and I write blogs that feel like I'm blowing sunshine up your butt. My apologies. I just can't help it. I love this time of year!

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