Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nelson Tracker

Six years ago today my sister and I were in Florence, Italy. We spent three and a half months traveling around Europe. Every day I think about some where we have been and how much I want to go back.

Finally after 6 years of sitting on our thousands of photos, a travel blog, and other souvenirs, I decided to finally put together a book. Initially, this was supposed to be a surprise for my sister for Christmas. However, being that I can not keep a secret for the life of me. Well, the secret lasted for about three weeks. I'm kinda proud actually. That's a long time. If you consider my mother was involved in this's miraculous really!

I knew I was taking a chance bringing my mother in on this, but there were some serious decisions to be made. My first idea was to print out the blog that we updated as we traveled. It was the blog entries and the photos we posted. Then I started questioning if I should add in more photos. This was tough. I have thousands of images. Just me. Not including Lindsay's photos. I know I would love a big coffee table book of my favorite images from the trip. However, this is more like the scrap There were too many decisions though. How many photos should I add. Should I add in our train tickets and other maps. Should I add in emails. It started getting too much and I couldn't even decide what size to go with. 

So, I brought my mom in to it. I told her it was a surprise for Lindsay. But now she wanted a book too. So she wanted full photos, tickets, blog, etc. She wanted to feel like she was there. This meant my little book just got big. Because I kinda wanted the same thing. I was having a hard time. I want this to be good. I want to make sure this is what we both would love. Who would I ask for advise, but the other person who was there. 

After three weeks Lindsay knew. I asked if I should tell her my secret and she guessed on her second guess. She totally knew what I was up to. She knew I was already working on a project for my mom's family. Plus, I got excited about a cute little photo and sent it to her. She also knew that my mom was in on it, because apparently when my mom has a secret, she avoids my sister like the plague. Nice. We are horrible at this secret keeping shit.

So now I'm knee deep in this project. It started as a tiny little book and is now a huge coffee table book. For each city I have at least 20-50 favorite photos. There are 5-10 cities visited for each country. 6 countries. I'm  finished with France and only about half way through editing the photos for Germany. There are still a shitload left to edit. I haven't even started the book!

So in the mean time, here is a look at our travel blog. Just so you are prepared, I have made a fool of myself in other countries as well as the US. I am known worldwide for my ability to fall for no reason at all. I love looking back and reading what we were up to on any day. I only wish I had known what I know now, and had kept more detailed notes on what we were doing. It still totally takes me back though! 

Just a little warning, the blog starts from the end. So if you want to start at the beginning, go to page one and move on from there.

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