Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ok, I'm totally geeking out. I've joined a book club! I've wanted to for a long time. I have just been a little skeptical about actually joining a group. I have no idea what kinds of books they'll be reading. I want to read random fun books. I don't want to read gushy, eat pray love books. I don't want brainiac books. I want funny. I want different. I finally found a group that should fit.

After hearing my sister and her best friend joined a book club, I started looking around a bit. I looked at some of the postings at the library. I've kept my eyes open around town. I just haven't seen anything that has really felt like I'd fit in. When I asked my sister how she found her group, she told me that she found it on Meetup.com.

I was using this site to try to get game players into the restaurant. So, I quickly signed myself up with my own profile and right off the bat, I found what sounds like the perfect book club. I am so excited! It's brand new, so everyone coming in will be getting to know eat other. I like the idea of not being the only new person in the club. The first book already sounds fun, "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter". I can't wait to get my hands on that book!

While I was on meetup.com, I decided I wanted to look for some other clubs. I'd love to find a local group to walk with and get outside a little. I didn't find one that I loved...so I might have to start up my own group. I also found a group for young female business owners. I've pretty stinking excited about this one also! I love to talk to other business owners, bounce ideas around and feed off of everyone's excitement. It's really encouraging to hear about others struggles and accomplishments. It really something that has benefited my company in the past. I'd really hope this works out!

The last club I signed up for was the Burbank Ladies Social. Yup. I've joined a ladies club. No not it's not a purple hat ladies club. Just a get out and socialize club. I have some local girlfriends but we're kinda outnumbered by the boys. The rest of my friends live kinda far away, and sometimes you just want to hang out with someone. So, I'd like to find some more friends or even a fun group to go out to a movie with or an event. Plus, I read something about bottomless champagne brunch on the site somewhere... kinda sealed the deal for me. We'll see how this one goes. I just hope this isn't a high school popularity thing.

So far, these are the only clubs I've signed up for. I figure I should start off slow. I don't wan to become a club junky.

I have to admit there are a few clubs that have caught my eye...some for good reasons, some for bad. Swingers club...not so interested. But I do love how they describe themselves "safe place to explore our cuckold and hotwife fantasies"...um yeah. "Sexual Love feast" is another...funny.

My favorite so far is "The Kickass Drinking Volunteer Benefactor's Society". Their tagline is "Schemes, Plots, and Sing-Alongs"....awesome. I'm still on the fence with this one but somehow it seems so perfect. Drinking, volunteering, and kickass...it's the trifecta!

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