Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season

 Mario and I finally put up our first real Christmas tree. Oh we've had Christmas trees before. We've had a 5ft paper tree taped to the wall, we've had a small fake tree up, and we've had the ceramic tree. This year we went to the big fancy tree lot with the petting zoo. Looked at all the animals. Looked at all the beautiful trees. Then left and went to Lowe's for a way cheaper tree.

I didn't know it could be done. I really thought we'd pick up a cute skinny three or four footer for sure. However, somehow, we've squeezed a 6ft tree into our tiny apartment. We had to move stuff around to fit her in. Then to make sure we had walking room, I shaved down the back and one side. Then I shaved a little more off another side, to make sure it wasn't too too close to the heater.

I let Mario take the lead on the decorating. Since I mostly have taken over how the house should look every day, I totally handed over the reigns on the Christmas tree.

Lighting - One thing I inherited from my father, is my weight in Christmas tree lights. Seriously. Boxes of lights. Anything you could want. So, Mario had his choice of light colors and patterns. He took his decorating very seriously. Thought long and hard about the lighting situation. He ended up wanting to lay out a base of blue and green lights with a single strand of multi color lights to extra pizazz. While the blue lights move crazy and fast, the multi color strand moves slow. Like I said, lots of planning.

Christmas ornaments are a different story. I have some ornaments from my mom and some from my dad. Mom has boxes and boxes of ornaments. She's slowly been going through them and splitting them up. Last Christmas mom sent me home with a box of ornaments. There were those little ones that I had made when I was young. There was the old one with a baby photo of me. And then there were a whole bunch of ornaments that I don't remember ever seeing. My sister was nice enough to inform me that mom just pawned off her crappy ornaments on me, but threw a few good ones in to be nice. The thing is I totally believe it! I got suckered. Of course I totally used them...cause I am trying to avoid a series of animal ornaments my father bought from us while trying to raise money for a class trip...they are creepy and I just don't like them. But I will keep them. Hidden off in a Christmas box to look at each year and remember...then hide them again.

In the end, we were very happy with our Christmas tree...until we went to the restaurant and Mario say how many ornaments they had on their tree. Then he decided we needed way more ornaments on ours. We went and picked up a 76 pack of cute ornaments. He put every one of those little bastards on the tree and some bead garland that meticulously placed on the tree.

It does look great. He's obviously very serious about decorating our first tree...even if you can't see much tree under all the ornaments. Finally after almost a week, I was finally allowed to take a photo and show you all...I wasn't allowed to until he was finished with his work of art.


  1. Well it did turn out beautiful! Love your stories, always make me laugh!

  2. What a gorgeous tree!

  3. Thanks Suzie!

    Good to hear from you Mia! I got your Christmas cute!

  4. I need to hire him for next year... My tree definitely needs some love!


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