Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life on the Beach

I've been having weird dreams lately. A few days ago, I dreamt that I was on Bay Watch. Yup and I was a regular. However, no one realized it because I was on the more recent episodes...the episodes that no one watched towards the end of the series. Lucky for me, it turned out that Bay Watch was having a huge revival and the old episodes were now way popular again. They were going to bring back this gem of a series!

None of my family or friends knew that I was on it. They only realized it was true when I had to attend the Emmy's with the whole Bay Watch cast. The looks on people's faces when I started walking through in my fancy pants dress was funny. Of course true to a dream, I magically had a sparkly dress ready to change into at the pool. However, there were problems also. I couldn't find any shoes. I had also lost one of my huge diamond earrings in my purse and could only find the small inadequate pair. So annoying!

If the dream really weren't embarrassing enough, I actually woke up feeling pretty cocky. I was a famous actress on Bay Watch! Of course I'm totally hotter than Pam Anderson!

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