Sunday, December 12, 2010

Match made in Potty Humor

Today was productive on many levels. We started off lazy and relaxed. Made a nice breakfast. Sold some items on Craigslist. Headed over to our storage to get out the ole Christmas decorations and maybe find some things to sell. We actually did very well at storage. We organized quite a bit and made some room in the locker.

When we finished up, we headed over to Mario's mother's place to drop off some things. On our way there Mario made a quick phone call to a friend. I couldn't stop myself from making fun of him...cause you know how mature I am.

Me - "So you couldn't drop off the speakers cause you got some last minute runs?"
Mario - "He knows what I mean. I gotta take this to mom and I have to run to Hilario's. However, I definitely got the last minute runs when we were at the storage unit though."
Me - "oh god"
Mario - "I had to stand like a flamenco dancer to make sure nothing came out while we were there"
I was crying laughing and trying to drive straight while picturing Mario standing like a flamenco dancer
Me - "That's gross. If I had known you had to go that bad, we had an empty box you could have pooped in"
Mario - "And what leave the box in storage for the next time?"
Me - "When you're do extreme things. Like stand like a flamenco dancer. I thought the box was a good option"
Mario- "Hey, the flamenco dancer stand kept the turtle head at bay"
Me - "You are gross! Oh man my butt cheek has an itch!"
Mario - "Ah crap, my phone called my cousin Dougie in Alabama!"
Me - "Are you kidding me! He heard us talking about you pooping in a box! And he heard me say my butt        itched! Oh my god"
Mario - "It's ok he's young. He understands."
Me - "No! I haven't ever met this part of the family, and this is what he hears! Oh my god! Oh my god!"
Mario - "Well look at the bright side, he might not have heard the whole thing. He might have only heard the end."
Me - "Are you kidding me! That was me saying how my butt itched!! That is not ok! You have to text him and apologize."
Mario - "No, that's admitting to it."
Me - "Oh my god!"

But this is when the ridiculousness of the situation hits. I can only hope that Mario's family finds my lack of maturity and love of potty humor endearing. I didn't stop laughing for the entire drive to Mario's mom's house. The minute I'd get control over myself, I'd start thinking of Mario standing like a flamenco dancer and loose it again. I have to admit it, it's times like these that I realize that I married the perfect man for me....

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