Friday, December 03, 2010

Home for the Holidays

I'm finally posting about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving with my family was fun as usual. I always have a great time with them. Probably because they always get me drunk. There is always lots of food, drink, drunk people trying to play games and someone coming up with a ridiculous idea.

By 3 pm we had already emptied four bottles of champagne and had eaten all sorts of wonderful appetizers.  Dinner was mostly done...but not quite yet. So, we talked our cousin into trying on her wedding dress from 1986. She hated her dress then and doesn't love it much more now...although, we all agreed she looked just as good in it, if not better now. She even had her shoes...which we discovered fit Lindsay perfectly. They actually look super cute on my sister...hello something borrowed.

I know those shoes are up here somewhere...

This is my favorite feels very "the hills are alive with the sound of music"

This is how cute my cousin Jennifer fun and bubbly. Just like her mother!

Jennifer and Bob's 24th anniversary is December 6. Unfortunately Bob will be out of the country until she's going to email him the photos and video. I can't wait to hear what he says. I don't think he'll be too surprised knowing we were there cheering her on. 

Uncle Chet carving up the turkey...mmm

 The littles ladies setting the table...of course mom and me documenting with photos

Mario and Tim bonding over a nice nap before dinner

It was a little quieter than usual. Along with Bob, the other person missing was Allyn who got stuck on base in Tennessee...he wasn't about to make it. We missed Bob and Allyn. Especially Cabana Bob...who always keeps our glasses full of champagne. Mario really isn't a drinker, so he can't bartend worth a poop. However, we had a bartender in training Tiki Tim. He's not nearly as good as Cabana Bob yet, but a few more Thanksgivings and I think he'll be quite good! 

I wish I could see my family more often. Although, I know my Oregon family reading this will tell me to buck up...they are much farther away! If only we lived closer! 

The only downside was too much kissing on the family. With all the kissing and hugging, by the time I left...I was sick. One of those jerks gave me a cold. Personally I think it was Uncle Chet...he was coughing a lot. Who knows though. This is the reason I haven't posted this week. I have been hopped up on the cold medicine. I could barely talk, let alone typr. (I can't believe that actually happened...that's the cold medicine typing!)

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