Sunday, December 05, 2010


I'm finally at the end of my head cold....yay! And it took me that long to realize that I was allergic to the cough drops I was using. Yup. 

I'd like to blame the medicine for my lack of analytical deduction when it came to figuring out what the hell was going on...but no. I'm just a bone head. 

First off I didn't suspect the cough drops because they were given to us by Mario's Aunt Meg from New Zealand and told that they were miracle cough drops. Best out there and all natural! Nothing works like these little babies. So they couldn't be the problem right?

All I know if that my mouth was really messed up. Itchy and felt a little swollen. I was super sensitive to food. I just assumed it was the cold. Everything tastes funny when you have a cold, right? I had the same thing happen to me the last time I had a cold. My mouth felt like it had a rash. So, maybe it's just a weird symptom of the cold.

I was at that stage at the end of my cold when you feel much better but still get those random coughing fits. They always happen in the most public of places. Like the minute you walk into a store. You get that tiny tickle in your throat and all of a sudden it takes you down. Red face, tears in your eyes, coughing for a good solid five minutes while everyone looks at you with looks of sympathy...or is that a look of disgust directed at you who is now contaminating everyone within a mile radius with your sickie sickiness.

Of course the only thing that can handle the rogue tickle is the miracle killer cough drop. So you take one cough drop. It calms the cough and allows you to shop for a minute. But then the cough comes back even worse because you are allergic to the drop...only you haven't realized this yet because you still believe Auntie Meg when she says it's a miracle. So to get through the shopping trip you keep popping those little bastards. Alas, you have made your purchases and leave the store. Finally...finally the tickle has stopped because it's no fun making you cough unless is includes public humiliation.

It's only later that night when you are on the phone with your sister that it finally clicks. Wow I just ate the cough drop and my mouth is so ichy!!! Wow, I must be allergic to these things. I'm glad I figured that out. Or was it actually your sister who said "hey idiot, you know you started complaining about your ichy mouth as soon as you popped that miracle cough drop of yours."

I guess I can thank her for saving my life. Thanks Lindz.

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