Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And he keeps delivering...

As I was working today I heard our garage door. It was about that right time for Mario to be coming home. So, I was ready for him to walk in the door. Bob, our cat, ran to the door (He knows when Mario is home and meets him at the door). However, when I heard the garage door again and still there was no Mario, I was a little confused. We share a garage with our neighbor, so I knew there was a fifty-fifty chance that it could be our neighbor Ben. But then I didn't hear Ben go into his house. Interesting but didn't think too much about it.

But then I immediately heard the garage door again. Still no Mario. Cue garage door again. Bob is still at the door with this look on his face that says "Where the hell is dad?" 

The garage door goes again. I finally start ignoring it. Maybe it wasn't our garage door after all. There is a whole alley of garages back there...but this sure sounded like our garage door. Our old neighbor's young son used to get a hold of the garage door opener and just hit the button over and over. Nothing like walking past a garage that all of a sudden it kicks to life and starts opening and closing with no one around. I would hear that door go crazy a lot. Maybe it's one of the other neighbors? Maybe, it's Egon the crazy kitty next door sitting on the garage door opener? 

But then Mario walked in the door. Bob went crazy cause dad was finally in the house. Mario was just shaking his head.

Mario "I have another one for the blog" 

Oh I couldn't wait to hear this...

Mario "I drove down the alley and pulled up in front of the garage. Hit the garage door opener and nothing happened."

We have had problems with our garage door, so this is no surprise.

"I hit the garage door again and nothing. I pressed that button a million times. I pulled back. I pulled up closer. I tried that trick you told me about when you put the remote up to my jaw...the garage door wasn't working. But then I saw this flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye...and realized I was in front of the wrong garage like a doofus!"

aahhhh hahahahah! Well, I have to admit. That's probably not too hard to do. It's a very long alleyway with garage door after garage door. Still, after four years....you'd think he'd have figured it out.

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