Monday, November 22, 2010


Thursday night Mario went to bed a little earlier than me. I was finishing up some work, when I heard a crash from the bedroom! I immediately knew what it was...Mario had finally killed his glasses!

A moment of silence.

Those glasses have put up quite a fight over the years. I'm sure most of you know Mario falls asleep at the drop of a hat. Most of the time he falls asleep before he even knows he's tired. This means that he falls sleep with his glasses on all the time.

Most of the time, I hear snoring, laughing, some talking or grunting...and then I hear his glasses hit the ground. Never fails. Most of the time I'll get in bed and take his glasses off of him. So, I'm not surprised that they were killed. I was surprised at the number of pieces and how loud this killing was. They put up quite a fight.

It worked out well though because Mario was over due for a visit to the optometrist. He had an appointment a few weeks ago but had to cancel because of work. This time there was no choice. He couldn't see shit. So drawing story boards was not going to happen. Although, I kind of would have like to see how different his drawings would have been.

Needless to say, I had to drive him around that day. Until he got his new glasses. I was happy. It's been so long since I've had my man to myself on a Friday. So, we picked out some glasses. Then took off to run some errands while we waited. This is where I got to find out just how blind the man is. While we drove around Mario suddenly yelled "I see fireworks!" "No honey that's a bunch of cars driving by on the hill above us." He was so excited about the fireworks, I was bummed to tell him there really wasn't any. Of course I still made fun of him all night.

We had a great day hanging out and spending some time together. We had sushi and shopped. We walked around town and enjoyed that there was nothing he could really do until he could see again. I loved it. Soon enough though, we headed back to pick up his glasses. We had to order two pairs. One that his insurance pays for, but would take a week to get. And also a cheapy pair that we could get in one day, so that Mario could function and actually work for the next week. The optometrist we go to has a clearance room. We were looking for the cheapest pair we could find. I picked up a pair as a joke and handed them over. Even though he was blind, he did not even want to try them on. He rolled his blind eyes at me, but still tried them on to humor me.

And they looked so good on him! I might just like the back up pair better than the real pair of glasses. Mario really likes them also, but I think he might be tired of me telling him how cute he is. Every time I see him in his glasses...I want to bite him! He looks so cute!!!!

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