Friday, November 19, 2010


Can I tell you how excited I am? I just found out that I get to be in the room while my friend is having her third baby.

I was there for baby number one. We were all new at the birthing thing. It was awesome and amazing...and totally alien. It still is so strange to see a small human emerge from another. You can't disagree really. Just think about it.

However, it was still the most amazing thing I've been a part of. So tonight when KT asked if I'd be around to video baby number 3's birth...I was all over it! And let me just set the record straight on the "videoing" the birth. We've had some ups and downs over the years and this is her way of testing the waters with where our relationship is now. We've really made an effort to better our friendship. And I'm excited for us to be back at that spot where I am a part of such an important event. Besides me "videoing" is me holding a video camera and crying loudly saying stuff like "Oh my god! Look at him" and "oh my god, what is that?" with lots of shots of the ground and walls and the baby and nurses and then the floor again.

You might wonder about baby number 2? Well, I was in the wrong part of the state while he was being born.  I do almost share the same birthday with number two. He was due on my birthday but he went over. I went out of town for my birthday and he showed up. He's my hunk-a-hunk of burning love.

KT bakes some big boys. Joey was just over 9 lbs (I believe), Isaac was 11 lbs 4 ounces, and the doctor has already hinted that Silas will be on the larger side. I can't wait. They are my boys and I torture them with kisses...too bad that's what they get with Auntie Laura.

This is my favorite picture of them. I love how Isaac is completely passed out and I love even more that Joey knows how funny this photo is.

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