Friday, October 15, 2010

Things That Are Annoying

1: I hate that when you are doing a really good house cleaning, there is always a point when the house looks far worse than when you started. And you feel like you are the only one who can look at the mess and know that it is actually a little cleaner than what you started with.

2: Mario can be talking up a storm in his sleep, but the minute that I turn on the voice recorder...he shuts up. I'm not sure if this is more annoying or should be used as a tactic to get more sound sleep.

3: Now that the voice recorder is on the other side of the room in the off position...Mario is having a full on conversation in his sleep...never fails

4: When I decide to hold off on buying any new clothes...Old Navy sends me a decent coupon. Stinking Old Navy!

5: It sucks when you go to a restaurant to work. You pick a nice quiet corner and set up. Only to have a bunch of teenage giggly girls take the table next to yours in an otherwise empty restaurant!

6: I hate that it takes me 14 hours and countless trips to the bathroom before I notice my undies are inside out.

7: Despite feeling stupid about #6...I put my undies on inside out again today.

8: I won't know if I've learned my lesson about putting on undies correctly until tomorrow...probably after countless trips to the bathroom.

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