Thursday, October 14, 2010

All You Can Eat!

Last Thursday we went to what I like to the biggest all you can eat buffet of all...A Taste of Burbank. It's basically a big sampling of a lot of local restaurants. It was actually pretty fun. I got to try a bunch of restaurants without committing to a full meal.

The plan was basically stand in line, get food, get in another line, then eat the food from the previous line while you wait. It worked quite well. Except that by the fourth line, you start slowing down. Most restaurants gave two to three small samples. But those small samples really start adding up.

I think the half way point was when I started feeling uncomfortable. I had also purchased the wine and beer samples. So, I had to make sure I had room for my 5 booze samples. Ultimately I couldn't finish those either. Luckily I was able to sneak the cute little mini wine bottles out.

The second half of the tasting was kind of a waste. I just couldn't do it. My heart wasn't in it. I couldn't even think of trying any of the deserts. However, Mario and Tadao were still working it. I'm not sure if they really had room or if it was more the challenge of it all.

One thing I wanted to try and didn't, was this one lone stand. It was this awesome little pink vehicle that had the sides open. They were doing little make overs. They had bare essentials mineral makeup make overs. I've wanted to try it. However, I was on a mission for food the first time I passed it. So, I figured that I would hit it on the way back.

As we made our way back down the street. I started heading towards the cool stand. There was a bit of a line, so I sort of paused. That's when Mario saw where I was looking.

Mario - "Oh cool car!"
Me - "Yeah, I was thinking of trying it out but there's a line"
Mario - "Well, I don't care about the line...they have little quiches!"
Me - "Who has little quiches?"
Mario - "The cool car people"
Me - "Babe that's makeup not food"
Mario - "no it's little quiches"
Me - "nope makeup"
Mario - finally getting close enough to see clearly "damn, those little makeup things looked like little quiches"
Me - "nope"
Mario "Man I wanted a mini quiche"
Me - "go get another hot wing from the hooter girl"
Mario "That's not the same at all"

I think he pouted about the quiche for about two feet. Then he found the stand of a local market. They gave him a huge peach...I think it totally made up for the quiche.

Overall it was fun. I think next year I will prepare by fasting for a week before hand. The little samples don't look like much, but I've learned that little foods fill you up fast!

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