Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Mom,

I'm cat sitting for the next door neighbor this week. Cute cute cat, but she'll cut a bitch! She kicks both my cat's asses on a regular basis from INSIDE her apartment. Yes, through the screen. They totally deserve it though. They keep going back over there trying to be friends and then come home with their butts handed to them.

I'm one of those animal sitters that likes to send little updates to their owners. I'll send a cute photo and a message. I figured day three would be a good day send a little photo...but I couldn't get a shot of her holding still. She's a bit hyper, talkative...and a bit of a biter. When I wanted to take photos, she wanted to run around and bite me cause I wasn't giving her my utmost attention. How dare I. So this is the email I sent...

Hi mom,

I've been lonely without you here! But I've been keeping busy!

That's how mature I am...but this was the only clear shot I could get! I was nice enough to send a little video of her running around playing...much more appropriate I suppose.

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  1. ha ha I loved that e-mail!
    I cant wait till she gets out of her teen stage and mellows down... she is way too hyper active sometimes


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