Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A few weeks ago, I came home to find my sister in law sitting on the couch talking to my mister. As I walked in the door she said "Oh thank god! I need you to work your magic!"

I was a little confused, "um, whatcha talking about?"

Angela - "I need you to mix up that Janis Joplin Cocktail you came up with"

I started laughing "Ah! So you liked it did ya? I take it you have a migraine"

Angela - "Yes! Last time I had a migraine you handed me a handful of pills and told me to take them. It was amazing. My migraine was gone before it had time to sink it's hooks in!"

I felt a little proud! Mario and Angela are not medicine people at all. They'll suffer with something for a week before they even think about going to the doctor or maybe taking medicine. I, on the other hand have learned to deal with the migraine when I feel it coming on or it will be days before I get rid of it.

Angela's migraine symptoms are worse too. She's a barfer. She has about an hour of the migraine coming on before she starts barfing and then passes out...she's fun that way. She works about a mile from our house. We've had her show up on our doorstep, knock, turn around and throw up off the side of the stoop, then walk in and pass out on our bed. We felt so bad for her! However, she got up four hours later, apologized for barfing on our plant and went back to work. She just takes it. I won't go into the story of her being stuck for 2 hours in moving traffic when a migraine came on. Let's just say it's was very bad news. I cringe when I think about it.

I'm just not one to suffer that way. Plus, I'm not a good barfer. I cry when I throw up...I avoid it at all costs. So, after consulting with My doctor, my optometrist, and a nurse friend, I figured out the right combination to kill an oncoming migraine. It's not so bad, but to someone who never takes any medication, I can see why she calls it the Janis Joplin Cocktail.

Is it wrong to feel a little proud? Cause you know I am!

PS...The day after Angela barfed off the side of the porch, the plants and ground cover died in that area. We teased her about the bald spot in the garden for a while. She was pretty embarrassed. But one day a cute little plant grew in the bald spot...we affectionately call it the barf plant. It's very robust!

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