Monday, October 04, 2010

Another mystery magazine arrived this weekend and it's got my mother written all over it! Mc Calls Quilting magazine. Quilting magazines are no question. She's a quilting fanatic. Her nickname is "Quiltress". So yes my mother has signed me up for another magazine that I don't want.

The only question remains...can the Quiltress harness her power to get me magazines that I am actually interested in?

This random magazine problem has not only afflicted me but now my sister. She has recently started receiving a bridal magazine. I had two suspects right off the bat. My mother the Quiltress with her special free magazine getting powers and my sister's future mother in law. The random magazine in the mail says my mom, but she's not a bridal magazine type of person. However, Tim's mom definitely seems like a bridal magazine type of woman. Diane's had their wedding planned in her head for a few years now. She actually came very close to making wedding favors for my wedding. She was thankfully stopped before any money could be spent. It was then explained that she hadn't met me yet, so although it would be very sweet, it would still be a tiny bit odd.

Really the bridal magazine is pretty perfect considering they'll be getting married next year around this time. And it is awesome because, it did freak my sister out quite a bit. My sisters best friend and I would have loved to have taken credit but we just can't. So it's still a mystery. Her future mother in law did post a comment deflecting attention from herself, which either means she really didn't sign Lindsay up for the magazine...Or she's brilliant and her special power is deflecting suspicious attention.

All these special powers make me wonder what my secret mom power will be...cause I don't think my body can handle "falling up and down stairs without injury" for too much longer before it changes to just falling up and down stairs. I'll be honest, I wouldn't mind inheriting my mother's free magazine getting powers if I could hone it for getting really awesome magazines. Cause another quilting magazine? I'm starting to think my mother isn't thinking I'd love a new magazine, so much as making sure she has reading materials when she visits.

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