Monday, September 13, 2010


After having been promised the girls a few months back, we finally picked them up from my sister's house. Three of my dad's framed Petty Pin-up girls.

Of course I had to find them first. Dad left behind quite a few framed pieces of artwork and photography. So she had a whole closet full of frames and art and photos and quite a large quantity of toilet paper. After standing in front of them and looking past them three times, she decided that I had already taken them home the last time we visited. I don't think so jerkface! I'm not buying it! Now out of my way...oh look they're sitting right next to you. Lame attempt at trying to keep them for herself. I took them and put them in the car immediately. I wasn't taking any chances with her.

I did have second thoughts when I got them home though. I had a little panic when I thought about these three pictures on our smurf butt blue wall. It was short lived however. They are up and they look awesome! I might have to attach a security system to them though, my sister in law sat and stared at them for quite a while. Then simply said "I want them."

I love them and of course they look fantastic. The frames also happen to match the awesome lamps that my sister in law bought for our anniversary. Our room is looking a lot more finished. 

I sent a photo of the girls on the wall to my sister and she loves how they look up. She was really excited for them to be out and displayed, rather than sitting in the bottom of a closet. 

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