Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dear Mom,

Why yes, I do love pumpkin pie recipes. I also really enjoy autumn! I'm quite fond of both pumpkin pies and autumn....they go hand in hand really.

However, I'm not sure what Heritage Turkeys are. I also have very little interest in the best barns. Although I do think it would be cool to convert a barn into an office or a house. Realistically, though, we're not likely to find a house with a barn in los angeles. So information on barns might not be necessary. I also don't really need tips on fencing. This applies to not only yard fencing but also sword fencing.

What I'm saying is it was very nice of you to sign me up, but I really don't think I need a subscription to "Living the Country Life." It was a little exciting to see a new magazine in the mail box, but I just don't see me reading this magazine any time soon. It's likely to sit with the subscription to quilters village you also signed me up for...and that subscription sits in the garbage can or anyone else I can pawn it off on.

Your favorite daughter
(favorite is obvious from the new random magazines I am now receiving...quilters village and living the country life. Yup obviously the favorite daughter)

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  1. you could always save those subscriptions for you favorite least she has a house that can use a fence......just a thought


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