Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lotiony Soap

My sister in law gave me a bottle of soap. No she wasn't trying to tell me anything...at least I hope not. She knows I love the scent and I happened to be running out of soap. So, when my bottle of soap ran out, I popped that new bottle of soap on the sink and went to using.

The only problem is I don't really like it. It smells good. It cleans well. The problem is that it's moisturizing lotion style soap. It's loationy. It doesn't dissolve like normal gel soap. No matter how hard you try to rub all that soap into your hands with water, you never get it all. About half of that pump of soap ends up in the bottom of the sink. It doesn't rinse from there either. It gets stuck to the bottom of the sink in a blob. And it looks like snot!

It's making me crazy! I feel like I'm spending half my time in the bathroom cleaning out that sink full of snotty soap blobs. And we are only half way through the bottle. I've even been experimenting with using smaller amounts of soap, in hopes that I will find that perfect amount that dissolves in my hands and doesn't stick to the bottom of the sink. Only it hasn't happened. It has only ensured that this bottle of soap is lasting far longer than it needs to.

Turns out I am not the only one that has a problem with this soap. I mentioned to Mario how the soap was making me crazy and he said he felt the same! I was so happy! Good it's not just me!

He went on to say that the lotiony soap looked so similar to the regular lotion that he was constantly mixing them up...and multiple times he has pumped a bunch of "lotion" into his hands and started rubbing it all over his face and into his beard before realizing it was actually the soap. He then spent ten minutes trying to wash that shit off of his face and out of his beard....and it takes forever cause it just doesn't dissolve!!!

Um yeah honey, I don't quite have that problem. I just don't like that it gets stuck to the sink and doesn't go down the drain. Actually, that sounds more like a "you" problem babe. Cause the bottles don't look a thing alike.

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