Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TMI...lots of girl talk

So thanks to nature, I've had the opportunity to try out the menstrual cup I bought a few weeks ago.

A mere two weeks after my last period, this one has come out of left field and hit me like a truck. My periods are very much like me...very laid back and mellow. My period a few weeks back was barely a period, in reality it probably wasn't one at all. So this one is shit. I'm at home convalescing. Partially because I'm afraid of what will happen if I go outside (I had a pretty horrifying experience yesterday...you can fill in your most embarrassing period story here) and partially because every girl deserves a day in every once in a while. So I curled up on the couch watching the cooking channel.

First my discovery...French Cooking At Home. Boring name, very laid back cooking, slightly pretentious cook. Which is pretty much is what I loved about being in France. There are lots of fresh ingredients, some that I have tried and some that I haven't, and the recipes look simple...which means I might give some of them a try. I love shows that show simple recipes that I can make myself. Otherwise what's the point. It's also one of those shows that appeals to the photographer in me. Simple and beautiful. It's on my list of shows to watch now. It goes up there with Jamie Oliver at home....in love with that show...which just happens to be on next.

Now for the menstrual cup. I'm torn on it. On the one hand it's really a life saver, on the other I hate it. Don't get me wrong, I'll be using it from now on. We went to a swimming party BBQ on Saturday...the first day of this killer of a period. I was able to swim, relax, and hang out without having to worry about leaks or accidents. It was really awesome. I was able to use the restroom without having to worry about sneaking a tampon into the bathroom to change. I was able to enjoy my day. With the cup in I was able to pretty much fool myself that I wasn't having a period until later that night when I needed to change it. That was a miracle.

Removing the cup is something that takes some finesse. You are pulling the cup straight down, so it's not too much of a mess. However, it's a bit more graphic than what you see with tampons and pads. I'm sure if this period weren't such a killer, it would all be a better experience overall.

As for my hating it...it's not the cup I hate. There's just that point in your period, when you don't want to put anything else in you. You just want to be done with the whole thing.  Actually the cup is all that can handle this  monster period...this one is a bit beyond what my tampons can handle right now. Overall, I will continue to use it for sure.

Well, Jamie Oliver is on now so it's back to the fetal position for me and some more Motrin...work you magic mr pill...work your magic!

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