Thursday, August 19, 2010

My favorite person of the day...

Today I got to photograph three beautiful kitchens for a Kitchen and bathroom company. Nicest people. Beautiful kitchens. Great shooting day. With house one down, we headed to the second house. It was a secluded house up in the hills. The home owner was sooo nice. A little older, very sweet. Her house was very exotic and also built around her fancy cats. The dining room had specialty glass doors installed so the cats were kept out. There was an outdoor screen door on her office door to keep the cats out(this was funny because the rest of the house was so exotic and fancy). There were beautiful scrolled iron doors installed in the kitchen to keep the cats out. The back porch was made into a huge outdoor cage by using beautiful scrolling iron gates. It was a really cool idea. The cats could be outside without being outside. That cage was huge and totally cat customed out. Shelves, carpeting, beds, chairs, clawing things...all for cats. If I were a cat I'd hang out there all the time, hell, I'd hang out there even if I wasn't a cat. I'd have hung out there today if she'd have let me.

When we got there the cats were out in their big fancy cage. Well, a couple of them were. There were other cats hanging out inside. One of the cats stood at the door meowing like crazy, cause he wanted in and he wanted in now! She started explaining that he was one of her new kitties. He's the baby and thinks he runs the house. He also happens to be a trouble maker. So that's why he's locked out in the cage. She was trying to show him who's boss.

Then this sweet little lady then turns to the door and yells "IN YO FACE!' to the kitten. Awesome! That's why she's my favorite person of the day. I've been saying "IN YO FACE" to everyone I walk my head of course. I've been turretting it all day.

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