Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today Mario and I ate a lot.

Not intentionally. I mean we really should have known, but what can I say, sometimes we just don't think things through.

Today we went to a food show. The owner of the restaurant we are helping couldn't make it, so it was decided that we would go. Mario and I kinda figured there might be some samples...we had no idea how many there would really be. Of course we had lunch before we went. Luckily, we were smart enough to have a small lunch. However, with the amount of samples they had, we were miserable full...and we were still turning down food. It was crazy how much food was there! We did find some things that will work well for restaurant and hopefully it's a good price.

It was actually pretty interesting. It was basically just a few companies showing their new goods and trying to make sales. So we ate their samples, talked, collected a shit load of papers and booklets and left completely stuffed!

It didn't escape my notice that we happened to only be half an hour south of Santa Barbara. So after the food show, I talked Mario into ditching work and heading to Santa Barbara. He was all for it. How could you be that close and not go!

The weather was absolutely perfect! We started at Stearns wharf. It was nice. I usually avoid the wharf because it's where all the tourists hang out, but it wasn't that bad. We sat at the end of the wharf and watched the fisherman and the sea lions. Then we noticed about five million sailboats congregating outside of the marina. We couldn't figure out what was going on. It might have been a protest, a race, or just a coincidence. I've only seen that many sailboats getting ready to race.

Then we picked up some coffee and a muffin, and headed over to my beach. We just sat and watched the sun get low. We played with some cute dogs and looked at gorgeous houses. The thing I love about Santa barbara are all the little gardens and little hidden lanes around.

So, before the sun went down, Mario and I walked a little trail behind some houses. It's a tiny little pathway close to the beach. It's great for checking out people's backyards...I'm totally a snoop!

Another thing I love about Santa Barbara is the smell. There is nothing better than spring around there. The flowers are in bloom and so fragrant!

We followed the path until we crossed this bridge. It crosses a little outlet to the ocean. There's actually another little trail that will lead you to another part of the outlet and if the little stream is low or dry, you can walk it all the way to the beach.

When you get to the bridge there are these two beautiful homes sitting right off the beach. I really wish you could see how gorgeous they really are.

It was a great day. It made me realize how much I really miss living there. When I lived there, I would go to the beach every day after work and just walk. Today the weather and the smells and the quiet, reminded me of when I lived there. I wasn't sad to head back to Burbank, but it sure made me realize that I would like to live there again some time.

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