Friday, May 21, 2010

Menu Designer Available

I'm almost finished with the redesigning of the menu. It's taken a lot longer than anticipated. The actual design was a very quick decision. It's the taking things off the menu and trying to come up with new stuff that has taken the most time.

I think it was something the owner wasn't quite sure about at first. It was hard to get her to make changes in the beginning. She knew she wanted to but there was a fear also. However, as she started seeing the menu come together, she really started feeling brave. This last week and a half, she's added a handful of new meals. In a fit of bravery, she changed thing around and upped some prices, and found some new chalkboard items. I'm very proud of her.

I've actually seen a lot of little changes from her lately. She's starting to really organize her papers. She's getting in there and taking care of business. Things are coming around.

So, today, with all the edits we've made, I finally brought in the final proof. We have the final menu, final table top ads, the senior menu, the children's menu and the new menu cover. I tried to match the menu cover up with the style she wanted. She wants an old school style with touches of 40s, 50s, 60s. It turned out cute. I think it fits. I was a little worried about what she'd think of it. She had ideas about what she wanted. However, I shouldn't have worried because she's in love with it. She keeps picking it up and looking at it...probably because there is a great photo of her mother on the cover. But, I can tell she's really loving it.

Anyway, I'm please with the work we've done. There is still a bit to do. We'll probably put the menu live on monday. I'm excited to hear how it goes over. The menu is better organized and just easier to read...fingers crossed that we get this place going strong.


  1. So all this talk of the great work you did, but no sample for us you can't go to the diner to see it in person?

  2. Ditto! Let's see this labor of love!


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