Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm still a little emotional. Just finished watching the Lost finale. You know me...cry baby. I did make the ugly cry face as the last scene ended and the screen went dark. Then I realized that we had a friend over and I could not act like an crazy-ugly-face-crying-lost-fan with other people around. Besides I was very happy with the ending. I can totally let go of the show now. This is one of the only times that I have watched a finale and felt like it was done and I was not going to miss it. Cause there's nothing worse than having a show end and you not having closure...right? Oh is that just me?

Anyway, after a couple of requests, I am posting the menus - before and after. Click on any image to see it larger.

This is their website. Awful yellow and red. This is essentially what all of their stuff looks like. Just not good. She wants 40s, 50s, 60s family restaurant style. Plus I fixed the photo of her mother...poor thing was blue in this photo.

Here is the old menu. Just busy and very unorganized. I don't have a copy of the menu cover but it's bad news. Just picture it looking like the website and you have the picture.

So here is the new menu cover I made up. I'm trying to give her the old school feel but keep it a little clean, more organized and just easier to read.

The doily and the checker pattern in the background does print much lighter than it looks here. It's more like a whisper of background...I really like the hint of it.

There are still a few things I would have changed. I feel like the front cover is missing a little something, but I still want to keep it simple. So, it will probably stay as is. I'd also love to change the logo font...I mean I would LOVE to change it. But it's not happening. Also, I'm not sure if I would have gone with all the different colors on the titles. I like some of the colors, but not all the wild colors. I would have stuck with just one or two colors. I actually really liked the titles in black. However, the boss lady loves the colors. And I do want her to be happy.

So, now that I'm finished with the menu, I'll be moving on to the website and all online stuff. I need to get a lot more people on their site and facebook. This is the little table stand I've designed to get people to sign up for all their networking stuff...hopefully it will entice people to sign up.

Shoot I forgot we still have to do a bunch of photography still! Here I thought I might have a more relaxing week. Oh well, it's all good work experience.

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  1. Great work! I loved the checkered background and the cover art.


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