Thursday, April 08, 2010

Movin Right Along

Last Friday, Mario and I cruised up to the Bay Area to visit with my family, see my sister's new house and have dinner with some girls I went to elementary school with. We totally lucked out and decided to visit on the weekend that they were moving into the new house. I love moving...right. But of all the moves I've been a part of, this was a cinch. Quick load, quick unload, no stairs. Gotta love it.

The move went smooth and I had the kitchen unloaded by the end of the night. I had the office half unloaded by the next night. The only hitch was one ceiling fan. My sister wanted to replace the fan in the living room...why she didn't like the 80s bronze beauty of a fan that was already up there, I don't know. Mario and Lindsay's boyfriend, Tim, were in charge of the fan while we worked away on the office. What should have taken half hour tops, took 5 hours! It was a tag team effort between the boys. One would get fed up, start cussing, and then walk outside for a break, while the other one went to work on it. It went of like this for a while. Until they decided to try a two against one approach. Lindsay and I walked in at one point and saw them with a pry bar and a hammer working on the fan. Needless to say we turned around and walked right back out of the room. Although, now that I think about it, I should have taken a picture.

After many hours of listening to them cuss and hammer at it, they finally gave in and figured out that fan was just not going to work. There was a reason it was so cheap, right?

After letting the men cool down for a bit, it was time for me to go home and get ready to meet the girls from Highlands Elementary! I was so excited. Four of the girls I had last seen at high school graduation. However, one I hadn't seen since junior high. We had a blast! It was all the fun, but with much higher self esteem and a lot less pimples! I already can't wait to meet up again! We told all kinds of embarrassing stories and caught up on our lives. Three pitchers of beer in, my sister showed up to visit with us. We got to laugh about how we tortured her by taping her underwear on the front window of our house and how I used to make her step in dog poop. It was fun!

This is before four pitchers of beer...

After...can you tell the difference? Notice the beer I spilled all over my shirt right before we took a photo...classy!

We ended up staying until Tuesday. It was a long exhausting weekend of unpacking, moving, and shopping, but it was great! I'm very proud of my sister for buying her first home. It's cozy and happy...she couldn't have done better!

Oh and don't think just because we are away from home that Mario doesn't talk in his sleep. He woke me up quite a few times talking about my sister's house. The first time he was talking about how nice the wood floors were. I was laughing so hard as he went on and on about her floors. Then in the morning, I caught him complaining about that fan not working. That cracked me up. He couldn't let that fan go, even in his sleep!

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