Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The last few days I have been eager. First thing I am eager about, is camping. This weekend we'll be camping with some friends. I. Can't. Wait. Pretty much this week has been devoted to camping. It's all I think about. I know, it's silly how excited I am. What can I say, I love camping. Thursday can't come soon enough. We've hunted down some firewood, bought food, bought supplies, the car is pretty much loaded. Which makes it harder to wait until Thursday...WE ARE READY TO GO!!!

The second thing I am eager about are my veggies. I know they have a long way to go. Loooonnnng way to go. But I love checking on them daily to see where they are. Once they start sprouting they seem to grow so fast...ok fast and slow. They seem to grow fast and then not fast enough. I love it.

Of course there has been a little bit of mystery as to some foot prints in my garden. First I noticed some peas smooshed down. Then I noticed some of my tiny onions smooshed. Well, I found the fat butt that did it...the cat. Am I surprised? Not at all. Bob was the cause of great lettuce loss of '09. That shit. He was rolling around in the little hairs of onions that were growing in. Maybe they already have that stink that animals love to roll in. Looks like Mario was right...a fence needs to be put up.

The third thing I'm eager about is my website. I am in desperate need of a new website. I have been putting it off since January. Mostly because I've decided to do it myself this time. I know what I want, all I have to do is start.

Of course in the middle of me getting my shit together to start the site yesterday, I got a call from a photographer friend. Her business pretty much died with the economy. This was a shock to me, she always had lots of shoots going. Circumstances got the best of it. However, now she's found something else that is working out well for her. She thinks like me, everything happens for a reason. There's a lesson in everything.

She was awesome enough to offer me her website. Swap out logos and info with hers and I'd be set. She had the designer make it completely back end ready. So I can add pages and photos as needed. Hopefully, I can edit enough of the html to make it fit my aesthetic. I'll be sad to part with my current site design. I get so many compliments on it. Unfortunately, the content is dated, the photos don't come close to representing my work and I'm afraid it's just not working to display what I need. So, I'm very eager to get her website. It might be the one thing that keeps my mind off of camping for the next two days...maybe

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