Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Long Awkward Good-bye

Mars has a friend that he's worked with and known for years. I'm very fond of him and his family. He's one of those guys that is very laid back and yet is a stress case. He talks a lot of hearsay. And he always sounds like he's stoned! He's one of those guys that is amusing and frustrating to listen to all at the same time..try listening to a very stoned republican surfer for's an event. At times I think Mario has the patience of a saint. However, sometimes listening to them go on and on for hours, I know they are friends for a reason.

After knowing him for four years, he's decided to change up the goodbyes when leaving.

I have a feeling it's all my fault. I feel like it all stems from us running into him and the family at a store a few months back. We were wandering through Mario's man store, otherwise known at Frys Electronics, when I saw the wife and kids hanging out. Of course we walked up to say hi. We chatted for a little and when we said good bye, I gave her a quick hug good-bye.

*On a side note, his wife is an amazing gardener. The last time we watched their dog for them, she gave me three grocery bags full of home grown, beautiful, fully ripe, amazing tomatoes. They also give us fruit and other yummy could I not hug her every time I see her!

Ever since that day at the man store, Mario's friend says good-bye with the most awkward hand shake/half hug/loud wet kiss on the check...and did I mention the awkward. The thing is, I know to expect it. But he still goes in like he's a fourteen year old on his first date. It's just weird. Just make up your mind and go with it. If's going to be this strange combination of shake/hug/kiss fine but throw some confidence in and it will work. I'm very fond of the goodbye kiss and hug...ok I do have a problem with friends and hand shakes. We've been friends too long for hand shakes. Either way, you've decided to go with this type of good-bye, go for it.

Today, I got three of those awkward shake/hug/wet loud kisses. I blame Mario, he kept taking things out to the car, so his friend thought they were leaving. Now that I think about it, Mario was laughing the third time the wet kiss landed on my cheek. That jerk probably set me up.

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