Thursday, April 22, 2010

First and foremost, I would like to thank my husband helping me keep the apartment clean. Not just this week, but for the last four years. I really appreciate the help and work he has done...but between all of us, can we discuss having to reload the dishwasher?

For someone that has OCD tendencies, he sure as shit does not know how to load a dishwasher. There were bowls face up, a huge bowl using up the entire top shelf, plates randomly put here and there, and lots of random empty spaces every where. It really didn't make sense to me at all. Then there was the problem of food stuck to all of the dishes. I had to pull the most offending dishes out to rinse them off. Then I reorganized all the dishes and added a bunch more. It's amazing how many dishes fit in the dishwasher when it's all organized and lined up.

Mario and I joke about his OCD, but really the OCD only goes as far as he can see. If he shoves it in the closet and closes the door, it's clean baby. If all the stuff is lined up on the counter, it doesn't matter that the toilet paper doesn't belong in the kitchen.

And not to be completely's really honestly more of a curiosity, but why can't he go to the linen closet to get clean towels? I'll clean the kitchen and put the dishtowels in the laundry hamper. Mario will go in the kitchen, cook dinner, and use all kinds of paper towels. When he's out of paper towels, he'll go into the same linen closet and get more paper towels to restock...but not grab any dish towels....?

It's the same with bathroom towels. I'll take the towels out of the bathroom to wash. He'll go in and take a shower and instead of just opening the door and grabbing a new towel to dry off, he'll use a tiny hand towel or even worse my turby twist to dry off.

I know, I know, why don't I just replace the towels as soon as I take the dirty ones out? Well, because I am curious at what point he'll actually just go get a clean towel. I know I'm the one who is really loosing out here. My poor turby twist has seen things it should never see, but still I'm curious what will trigger him to get a clean towel out of the closet. Well, and also because my ADD causes me to walk out with dirty towels and then see that the bed needs to be made or some shiny thing catches my eye...and then no clean towels go up until I need one.

I'm almost to the point where I will just take care of it all myself. There are already chores that I just automatically do myself like cleaning the shower, doing the laundry, hanging the shower mat back up after showering...yes this is a chore. It is something that I have to do every day or it will never be hung up to dry. I've stopped fighting with him about it.

Maybe I'm just wondering at what point in our marriage I'll take over all the chores because his way is never good enough for me? This is really not what I want, but I see it happening. I've always hated when I see women doing all the work and the husband sitting back relaxing...however, now I understand it. It's a forced situation on the part of the woman. Let me tell you if this happens, Mario and I need to hurry up and have kids so I can convince them that cleaning is the funnest thing there is to do and cleaning mommies way is the best.

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