Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you spare a square

So camping apparently took a little longer to recuperate from than I realized. How did I realize this? From our lack of toilet paper.

The weekend before last, was spent camping with friends on the beach. As a proud former girl scout, I spent the week before hand readying all our gear and supplies. Always be prepared...and normally I am...mostly. Normally I have the written list of what I need to pack and also a secondary list for packing up the car. However, this camping trip was lacking in the list. Which meant I forgot to bring a few things. Nothing major really. I mean, who needs knives, right? I'm not sure how those taters were gonna get chopped up...luckily others were better prepared in that department.

Other than the knives, there was only really one other thing I forgot. Well, I didn't really forget to bring it. I forgot to buy toilet paper for the household. In all the shopping and preparing for the camping, I apparently forgot to buy toilet paper. Not a big deal. I knew we had a few rolls left.

However, on the day we were leaving, I reached into the cabinet to replace the empty roll. There was only one roll left. Instead of taking a spare roll with us, that roll would stay home and await our return. I wasn't too worried. So far we have been well taken care of by our state park's bathrooms...they're not always the best smelling but always stocked with paper. Plus, we were having a friend come over to feed the cats. I know that had I brought the last of the toilet paper with us, our cat sitter would have gotten a severe case of diarrhea...that's just how it works.

Our camping weekend finished, we headed home back to our normal life. Sunburned, tired, and a little sore from walking in sand for four days, we spent the next few days in a state of severe relaxation, otherwise known as laziness.

By Tuesday, that last roll of toilet paper was long gone. There was a box of tissue in the bathroom to hold us over, but no real feel of urgency to head to the store for more toilet paper.

Thursday found us at the dollar store for some cheapy goodness. I moseyed over to the paper isle for a cheap roll of paper to hold us over until we hit a real store.

Friday rolled around and that tissue box was back out. Found out that Dollar store toilet paper is cheap because there is less paper on the roll than normal rolls.

Saturday night as I reached into the closet for our last box of tissue, I realized that I needed to just buy some damn toilet paper.

So Mario, and I headed out to our local target to finally purchase some toilet paper...and cat food(totally the same story with the cat food...why do you think we hit the dollar store earlier that week? I was getting a lot of 'tude from the cats about them not having any moist food)

I'm not sure why we put it off for so long. Really, why would I put off a trip to target for any reason? It's never mattered how tired, sunburned or broke I have been, I always am up for a trip to my favorite store.

Cat food and toilet paper purchased, we happily headed home. We knew that we wouldn't have to leave the house for a week with all the toilet paper and cat food we have. I headed to the kitchen to feed the two vocal cats demanding food, while Mario took the toilet paper to the bathroom to restock the roll and the cabinet...and that's when he found a full 12 pack of brand new toilet paper in the linen closet that we didn't know we had.

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  1. Haha.. That's awesome! Totally something I would do :o)


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