Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rough Night At Mimi's

Mario promised me a celebration dinner for finishing my big project. So we set out to go to dinner last night...only to be told we weren't celebrating because he decided I wasn't finished yet. I'm still nitpicking on some images and he feels that until I'm completely finished finished, it's not a celebration dinner. However, the man never needs an excuse to go to dinner, so we still went. So, Angela (mario's sister), Mario and I headed out to Mimi's cafe for a pre-celebration dinner.

We sat down and so started the big decisions. Mario and I decided what we wanted fairly quickly. Angela on the other hand, took a lot longer. I'm not sure why it took so long, he woman knows she loves scallops. The first thing she eyed on the menu was the ravioli with scallops and shrimp. Of course, twenty minutes later and twenty choices later, that's what she ended up ordering. Mario ordered a hot sandwich and I got the seafood fettuccine.

Ten minutes go by and the food comes...mmm happy people, until the waitress puts the plate down in front of me and it is completely the wrong order. The waitress takes the food back and offers me a free desert to make up for the mistake...I'll take that offer. Angela and Mario were so ready to dig in, but being the nice people they are, they kinda shuffled their food around waiting for my food to arrive. That's when Angela realized that there were mushrooms in her pasta...the woman hates mushrooms and she'd forgotten to ask for them to be left out. So she started picking them out. The perfect way to keep her busy while we wait. Of course being the perfect gentleman, Mario was eating the mushrooms as soon as she pulled them off her pasta.

Then Angela suddenly got this look on her face and put her fork down. She hadn't just found one...but two hairs in her food! And one was completely stuck in a ravioli! So stuck that when she pulled it, it picked up the ravioli! (insert gagging here) We sat there quiet for a minute and out of the corner of my eye I notice Mario go in for another mushroom....I yelled "STOP! Those are hairy mushrooms!" Now it's not easy to gross Mario out, but he put those mushrooms back on the plate as fast as he could. You could see by the look cross his face when realized that he'd eaten a bunch of hairy mushrooms already. It totally skeeved him out.

Just then the waitress walked up and immediately saw the looks on our faces and froze. "Um the fettuccine will be out in a everything else ok?" The thing is our waitress was really cool. Angela didn't want her to think that we blamed her, but she still needed a fresh plate of hair free ravioli. So she slowly pushed her plate forward and told the waitress the problem. The waitress looked completely embarrassed and asked what she'd like instead. Angela said "Oh I'll have the same ravioli without hair and oh no mushrooms this time" Mario and I almost fell over laughing. She delivered the line so straight. It was such an honest but smart ass remark.

Off the waitress went to put in another order and we sat there with the giggles. Mario was talking about how you could pick up that hair and all the raviolis would hang like a was gross really, but at least we were laughing. However, the laughter stopped when this really big intimidating manager type guy with lots of earrings walked up to our table. Turned out the scallops that were on both Angela's and my pasta was completely out. Sitting between Mario and I, Angela threw her hands up in the air and screams "NOOOOOO!!!" Mario, the manager and I fell over laughing. She's so dramatic but really the scallops were the the whole reason she was ordering that dish. Of course after Angela's dramatic display he offered us both extra shrimp on our pasta and desert for both of us. Then he stopped and looked at Mario's sad cold sandwich on the empty plate(he'd slowly eaten all his fries) and decided then that our dinner was on the house. SCORE!

Turns out we were kinda lucky the tab was on them because they got the bill completely wrong and it would have been one more problem to deal with. We left happy and made sure to leave a fat tip on the table for the waitress...she really was awesome despite all the problems we ran into.

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