Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sweet Taste of Freedom

I'm so close to the finish line with these tours I can taste it. I know, dramatic considering I love the work. I think it's the amount of work and the deadline. I've barely gotten to leave the house let alone see my husband. On top of that, the most I've gotten to talk to him is in his sleep. Ok just kidding.

We actually spent a great Valentines day in Santa Barbara with some friends this last weekend. Dave and Colleen hadn't been with us to Santa Barbara before, beside our wedding. So I showed them the Santa Barbara I know. Which really isn't far from the tourist version except that I throw in a private beach that I like to call "My Beach"...more widely known as Miramar Beach. It's always the highlight of Santa Barbara for me. When I lived there, I would stop at the beach and walk it after work. Then I would spend my weekends laying on it reading and swimming. I love it. It's a quiet beach where mostly the locals hang out and it's a lot more real than the other beaches around. The main beaches are plowed and swept daily for the tourists...that's just weird honestly.

Anyway, we had a day of seeing the mission, Alice Keck Park, my old neighborhood, the mesa, my beach, the marina, and state street. Sandwiched in the middle was a wonderful lunch at the restaurant we had our wedding reception at. I've photographed there, eaten there at the reception, but had never had a normal meal was awesome!

I spent the day taking some photos for fun and didn't get one shot of me and the mister on Valentines day...didn't even think about it. It was a great day and I'm dying to go back. Colleen and I were thinking of kidnapping a certain someone and taking her up there. Although, I'll take any excuse to go up there, so just let me know when you need a tour guide through Santa Barbara.

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