Monday, February 22, 2010

Dogs, Dorks, Drinks, and Ducks

Want to know why I am in a good mood? The cool girl at the party tonight complimented my hair. Yes, I'm back in high school. Mario and I went to a house warming party tonight. For the life of me I can't figure out how these kids have this beautiful house. Yes, they are young. They look like they're in their early twenties. So cute, two cute dogs, gorgeous house. He has the same job as Mario, so I know about how much money he makes. He must work a lot more consistently. Well actually Mario told me he worked on the Simpsons for a while, so yes, he's worked consistently for quite a while now. You don't get that on a lot of animated shows now a days.

Anyway, we showed up to this party with wine in hand. We walked into the crowded house and I immediately start looking around trying to figure out if I am going to recognize any one in the house. Mario makes friends fast and easy. As much as I'm comfortable with people, I'm still that awkward dork who would rather sit back and watch people. So, I immediately look around for the one person that looks like they would hang out and talk with me. They all looked too cool for me honestly. So, I tried to play it cool...and immediately poured myself a little drinky and got some food... and then dumped my plate on myself. Luckily, it was mostly empty and I just got a little juice on me. So typical though.

Then it happened. One of the cool people, a gorgeous mom with a cute baby in a sling walked over from across the room and said she loved my hair. She told me she had discussed it with Sierra... the adorable home owner. They talked about how cute my hair was! yup, made my night. Especially, considering that it took me a good 5-6 minutes to twist a bunch of loops, throw some bobby pins in and pin a flower in. My go to doo for when I don't want to dry, straighten, or even brush my hair...I've made laziness work for me!

Anyway, it was a good time. We just chatted around, played with some cute dogs, and I got to hear from lots of different people in the industry how talented my husband is. That's always good to hear.

And if one social event this week wasn't enough. Monday, we are heading to The House of Blues to listen to one of Mario's friend's band play. We're supposed to be there at 9pm...I'm already thinking I'll need a nap. Which means I'm old. I used to get ready to go out at 10pm. Now a 9 o'clock call makes me start thinking that I should really prepare I said I'm a dork. A couple of my friends' bands have played there and I never got to go. I will make up for that tomorrow. Mario's pretty excited actually. Should be a lot of fun though.

Which leads me to more the more exciting news. When Mario is excited about something like this it means that he's be a chatter box in his sleep. Luckily, last week we picked up a little digital recorder to record him while he sleeps. I've found that most of the action is in the first two hours of him falling asleep. The first night I got a ton of talking. Some of it gibberish, some of it was a little dirty, some of it just plain funny. The second night I didn't really get anything. Last night, he just farted...a lot. I told him it sounded like he went to bed with a duck. Lucky for him, I'm enough like a 15 year old boy to think it's funny. The one major benefit to this recording is that he now really understands what I have to live with and why I wear ear plugs to bed. He's amazed that I get any sleep at all.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to make this guilt work for me! So now, I'm just trying to figure out a way to get these sound clips online...don't worry I'll just keep it to the talking...I'm sure you all don't want to hear Mario's ass.

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