Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cutting School

I have a list of stuff to do today. A pretty long list at that. However, with it being overcast and sleepy looking out, I've decided to take the day off and be lazy. I'm actually pretty ok with it. It honestly started last night. I got sucked into the apartment therapy blog. Completely sucked in. Like one story led to another story, led to another site, let to three other sites. I literally had 10 windows open and I couldn't figure out where the hell I had started.

So today I've started again. This time I've kept it to four windows. The only problem is, I have a list of about 10 projects that I want to start now. Those will absolutely not be started until I finish my list of shit to do...I swear! Plus I still have the garden to plant out. I haven't started that yet because when I'm not working, it's rained on those days. Although, one of those ten previously mentioned ideas has to do with the garden. Of course none of it will get finished if I continue being so lazy today.

Off topic...mario and I had a great time at the house of Blues on Monday. Hooked up with some friends and listened to music. It was a good time. Mario's friend was great on stage. It made me miss watching my friends play. So we're gonna have to go see some of them. We drank, danced, went out to breakfast afterward and had a great time in general. However, we discovered that we're not as young as we used to be. Mario fell asleep at work the day after the surprise really but its funny trying to act younger than we are. Hell, maybe that's why I'm being so lazy today.

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