Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mumble mumble

Well I'm feeling much better. Better in so many ways. Not only is my cold long gone, I'm most of the way through all the virtual tours, and my funk is gone. My attitude is in a much better place. I've been making sure to keep up with friends in a better way. And working on all these tours non stop has given me a mucho better outlook on my business.

Holidays are slow with the photography and it was definitely making me wonder if this is what I should be doing. However, being in such a hurry to get all these tours finished put me in a good place. I love the hurry and being so busy. It keeps me motivated. So being busy has put my head back in the right place. I finally feel like the year has started...I know a month late but what can I say.

So anyway, I've been working all day and staying up late to finish these tours. And that puts me in the prime time to hear Mario talking in his sleep.

I've found that as soon as Mario gets into bed and starts snoring, I start to hear mumbling. Then I hit the mute and listen for those little jewels. The other night went like this...

Mario: mumble...snore...mumble
Me: mute tv
Mario: You know that's my girl
Me: (smiling and hope he's dreaming of me for his own sake)
Mario: Snore

Mario:Mumble mumble mumble
Me: mute the tv
Mario yelling: They're assholes of course!
Me: giggling
Mario in his bedroom voice: Yeah, that's baaadd
Me: ok you better be dreaming about me mister
Mario: laughing and mumbling

Mario: mumble mumble snore
Me: deciding I should just keep the tv muted
Mario: They're wrong!
Me: what the hell is he dreaming about

Last night was funny though...
Just as I was getting ready for bed he yells out "Quit jerking me around!"
As I got into bed he half woke up but was drowsing in and out. So I told him what he had just yelled out.

Mario: yeah that makes sense. I was just dreaming about how we were planning a heist.
Me: You've been watching to much tv
Mario: mumbling...there were five of us. And we were just getting ready for the heist of the century. mumbling, snore...we were gonna steal the biggest lot of jelly doughnuts! It was going to be so good...but this guy was messing it up....SNORING
Me: I need to start recording this shit

Totally figures it would be jelly doughnuts he's be trying to steal...

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