Monday, January 25, 2010

Kittens and Puppies

I dreamt of kittens, puppies, and babies last night. Cheesy feel good stuff. Except that the puppy peed on my hand and the kitten kept jumping on the baby and knocking it over. It's feel good stuff with a side of reality thrown in.

It's kinda how life is going right now. I hung out with some friends last week, got my baby fix, and caught a big cold from a little baby. The long lost faucet piece we need to use our dishwasher has finally been shipped, but won't be here for another week. Which really isn't that long to wait considering we've been waiting to use the dishwasher for three weeks now. And of course, I wished for work and got it...a lot of it. The client that decided they didn't need the virtual tours I shot for them, decided on Friday that they wanted them stat. Well, they take time people. I'll get them to you next week if I continue these 14 hour days I've been working. Beggers can't be choosers...that goes for me and my client.

Today when I woke up from my kitten, puppy, and baby dream, I found that my cute little cat had redecorated....with yarn. Well, he redecorated his own little cat house, and that spilled out to the middle of our living room. It was a nice job, but not nearly as amazing as the works of art he used to do four years ago. I'm kinda thankful because really it took hours to take that work apart.

Anyway, this is my babbling while waiting for my computer to finish processing and my nose to stop running. We canceled our weekend in Santa Barbara for this and a cold. However, we will be going this weekend whether my cold is gone or my work is finished. So help me god!

Now I'm gonna start fantasizing about where we're going to vacation in April, what it will be like not to HAVE to carry a roll of toilet paper around with me in case of a nose running emergency, and being able to go out and photograph instead of looking at photographs I took three months ago.

I'm don't mean to complain but sometimes I'd like the mushy mushy fantasy stuff without the kick in the ass from reality.

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