Thursday, January 21, 2010

Frizz Ease

I love a nice compliment. However, I always wonder when Mario compliments my hair at it's worst. Let me explain to you that I have naturally wrinkly hair. No, not a nice wave or curl. Wrinkly. With shots of frizz.

Today, I was walking by him and he says "oh honey, your hair looks nice! Did you do it today" Um, no it's a I've-been-at-the-computer-in-my-sweats-all-day kind of mess. I showered and let it do it's frizz wrinkle thing today...but apparently he likes it. That's nice.

Really, the part of his compliment that worries me was the "did you do it today?". It makes me wonder what he thinks of my hair on the days I actually do it. Maybe the wrinkles threw him off because I'm always trying to straighten that frizzy shit out. Or maybe he feels bad about making fun of my eyebrows all day yesterday. Either way, I'm going to just take the compliment and be happy that he likes me even when my hair is all jacked up.

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